Birthday greetings from elders

You have nurtured my soul and body with motherly love, your milk is the source of my thinking, and your eyes are tied to the hope of my life. My mother, I do n’t know how to repay you, I wish you Birthday Happy!

You use beautiful annual rings to compose a calendar that emits the fragrance of ink; every year, on this day of the calendar, I will use affectionate misses to bless your birthday.

What you gave me was not a palace-like luxury house, not an innumerable sum of money; you gave me an "encyclopedia" of life as vast as the sea, guiding me to a better life.

You are a frosted maple who is older and redder, and has gone through sorrow and joy, becoming more open-minded. Sincerely wish your tree of life evergreen.

You are the only course of my life, and it is doomed from the moment I meet you. I love you forever! Happy birthday to you!

A deep stream of life is stored deep in your soul, and it will flow forever. I wish you a long life!

You have nurtured my soul and body with motherly love. Your milk is the source of my thinking. Your eyes are full of hope for my life. My mother, I do n’t know how to repay you.

How much time is the 70-Year Spring, how hard it is to sweeten it. It used to depend on the sea Family Nei Zhuxian. Concentrate on the new ink strength every day, five more pay attention to the old poetry. Like the first dawn in the morning, cast in Dad In the bicycle basket, I always accompany you into your birthday wishes!

People are iron and rice is steel. Do n’t eat hungry for a meal, eat well, drink well, rest well, and you will be healthier!

Eat less salt and more jealous; eat less meat and more vegetables; eat less sugar and more fruits; less car and walk; less angry and more smiling; less sadness and more sleep; physical health is the most important!

Naive when I was young, romantic when I was young, but the season of flowers was missed, but I will never forget your special day, I wish you a happy birthday!

Life and love are the highest meaning of human beings. While trying to grasp life, I hope you find love early and enjoy love! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, mom, I really hope that we can express our gratitude with words, thank you for your daily housework and help us. May you always be happy and healthy in the years to come!