Happy birthday in spring

1. Dawn is beginning to be happy around you, the sun is shining, the sun is shining in your heart, the sunset is joyful, and the joy is with you for a day. Friends who care about you wish you happiness on this day, Birthday Happy!

Shou Xingxing, I wish you all the wishes you wish, all your dreams will come true, all your waits will come up, and all your efforts will be fulfilled.

3. A magic wand turns out hundreds of blessings for you, a magic swipe takes you to distant happiness, a invisible garment helps you to hide all your troubles, and a good friend brings you sincere blessings. I wish youAs happy as being in the magic world, happy birthday!

4, friends are thinking of you Birthday wishes You, good things chase you, troubles avoid you, health accompanies you, disease isolates you, happy follows you, pain away from you, life pets you, everything goes with you! Happy birthday!

5, the longer the wine, the more mellow, the longer the friendship between friends, the more real; the more water flows, the clearer, the vicissitudes of the world, the weaker the flow. Happy birthday, always in good mood!

6. Today is your birthday, and here I wish you a happy birthday! Happy life! Because you did not forget me, of course I will remember you, I believe you will also think of me texting you. I would like to borrow the Internet hereBless you.

7. Time has increased your maturity, years have increased your flattery. On your birthday, may the blessings of friends converge into a happy galaxy and flow to you together. Friends, happy birthday!

8. A heart, a sincere, a blessing, please take me to your parents on your birthday and say "Thank you, give me such a good friend! Let me not feel alone on the road."happy Birthday!

9. You have a pair of wings. Fly tenaciously, don't be impressed by the wind and rain; fly sincerely, don't be intoxicated by the sweet honey. Toward a clear goal, to a beautiful life.

10 、 Unforgettable is your pure friendship! Valuable is the true love that never changes! I am glad to know you! I would like to offer my favorite carnations. I wish you a happy birthday.The clearer, the vicissitudes of the world become weaker. Happy birthday to you, and always in a good mood !!!