Creative humorous wedding greetings

1. Love is missing, it ’s continuous love cutting; Love is lingering, it is always connected with heart at all times; Love is persistence, it is the pledge of the League of Nations that does not change; Love is bravery, it is unwavering forever; Congratulations to friends who enjoy loveSweet, love with love today.

2. Firecrackers, gongs and drums are jubilant, friends and relatives come to give away, new clothes, new shoes, new people smile with a smile; handsome you, beautiful her, tiny hands come together. WishYou tie your knots, you grow old.

3. The housewife is proud of the neck-necklace, and the husband and wife are loving and affectionate.

4. The sea and dry stones are rotten together, the ground is wide, the sky is high, and the wings are flying together. The good things are round, the dreams are round, the family is happy, the swallows are flying together, the flowers are laughing to welcome the wings, the cave is happy and the plum blossoms. The bride and groom, bless you!

5. The flowers bloom richly and Tilian, one phoenix and one phoenix want to fly. The peony, rose, lily and lily are bathed in red bathing suits. The flowers are magnificent, the salutes are Qiming, and the wedding is celebrated. After the couple worships Gaotang, they love and share their heads.lifetime.

6. Married Congratulations: Baishou Qimei, Biyiyi, Qingyang Qirui Taoli Li and concentric.

7. Today, with a heart of joy and gratitude, I sincerely wish to you: I wish you a happy wedding, love is higher than the sky, and the love is deeper than the deep sea!

8. The highest realm of mutual affection is relative innocence, bless a couple who truly love each other, and meet to congratulate the wedding anniversary forever!

9. The road comes out step by step. Love is changed back little by little. Life is like this one by one, live and live! Please enjoy your wedding and bless you!

10. Rose symbolizes happiness and sweetness, peony means richness and gorgeousness, lily contains a hundred years of harmony, and the rose represents the four seasons of wishfulness. The wedding day is all for you. The four flowers accompany you, the marriage is pleasant!

11. You were born to make a pair, and you make a pair now, but now you are all connected. You need to be more forgiving and caring for each other in the future, and bless you!

12. Cowherd and Weaver Girls' Bridge Association, Dong Yong Seven Immortals are in pairs, red lotus flowers are bound together, mulberry branches are tied up and tied up, today ’s good birthday is drunk tonight, Tim Zigui is in the coming year, the respect is like a guest case, the husband and wife are lovingAlways follow me. Happy wedding!

13. I have a thousand years of fate in the next year, and I have a hundred years of sleep. I am born with talents and beauties, only envy but not envy.

14. Three great joys in life, dear friend, on your wedding day, let me sincerely wish you a happy wedding!

15. It took ten years to build the same boat, and one hundred years to sleep together. Finding each other in the vast crowd is clearly a fate of a thousand years ago.

16. He is a word, you are a score, and you two are a harmonious song. The combination of heaven and heaven, Wu Feng and Ming Ming.

17.Take the wind to express my sincere blessings, let Liu Yun express his sincere affection; tonight and tonight, the air is full of intoxicating sweetness. I wish my dearest friend, from now on, love Heyong forever!

18. I want to say: In the past, there are countless footsteps left by the road, and in the future, dreams will carry you to the sky of Suiyuan. This is a new beginning. From here you will do better.May the blessings linger on you, in your colorful Love , life journey!

19. Happiness accumulated by numerous storms and storms, I think it must be the result of carving on the Sansheng Stone. Take care of this fate with sincerity, and sincerely bless you for a hundred years to get together and spend a lifetime together.

20. Countless inevitable accumulation of inevitable, how can it not be the result of careful engraving on the Sansheng Stone? Take care of this fate with sincerity, you who truly love.

21. May, rain and sorrow, no sorrow, May, flowers are intoxicating, body is not drunk, May, enjoy life, live and nourish, May, old days and old, face is not old, May, bless new people, new people newLu Xin rejoices, happy wedding.

22. In the old classmates, Zhu Ma Qing Mei talked about ideals. Together tonight, the mountains and rivers have a good friend. I have a good fate, and I live together for a long time in the same day. A hundred-year-old couple, Bihai loves Bihai love. I sincerely wish my lovers will always be with you and love IAlways follow.

23. Married couples, married couples, old-fashioned and white-headed, long-term lovers, living together with a degree of happiness, and having a long time to give birth to your precious sons. A lot of wishes for today, I wish all my wishes come true. Happy wedding and a happy life!

24. Hi phoenix phoenix with flying wings, happy and harmonious branches, sea and dry stones are inseparable, and will last forever. Sincerely wish you a newlywed, happy marriage, full moon, and a lifetime

25. Blind date and loving partner, Tongde concentric marriage. Huazhu laughs to welcome the wing bird, the cave house is happy and beautiful.

26. Blind love and happiness forever, Tongde and happiness together. May your love be deeper than the sea! Happy wedding!

27. Join the happy ship together, the long journey is no longer lonely. Let love guide the direction of happiness, the drifting heart feels warmer. Let the romantic hang the happy sail, the scenery of life is nostalgic. I hope you will be happy and happyforever and always!

28. I have worked hard for half my life and contributed decades. In this spring blooming season, congratulations on your remarriage, is it so-called? The setting sun is infinite, the hemerocallis is late ?!

29. Happy wedding, early birth of Takako! I wish you all forever, unite for centuries! Happy wedding, sweet and sweet! Husband and wife love forever!

30. Happy wedding! You were born as a pair and made a pair, but now you are all in love. In the future, you need to be tolerant and care for each other and bless you!

31. At the time of wedding, I would like to say to your new couple: Waiting for your life is not a simple and pale mountain alliance oath, but countless ordinary days together to help each other, to help each other! I wish you all heads to old age!

32. Bride and Groom New Family , new things and new things, mutual respect and love, heart to heart, heart to heart, heart to heart, mutual reciprocity, confidence and determination are always new. Friends, sincerely wish you a happy marriage!

33. Filled with joy in heaven, wearing glittering moonlight, sighing: only envy not envy.

34. Bless you in the name of love, may the flower of love be undefeated in your heart. Bless you in the name of years, may the years go by and never change the feelings of love. Happy wedding!

35. Love by knowing each other and knowing each other better by love. People often say that the gods and relatives are you! I wish you love every year and every year!

36. May love flow into your sweet life, so that every day in the future will be as brilliant and joyful as today!

37. May you two love each other lovingly, with deep affection, love in this life will last forever, love will increase day by day!

38. May you two hold each other with love, be considerate and caring for each other, and share the future suffering and joy together. Wish you a hundred years of happiness, longevity, and unity! Happy wedding, happiness, passion, and old age.

39. May your descendants be godly! May your descendants be taught according to the Lord's teachings and warnings; so be yourselves and do the will of the Lord!

40. May you two live together in harmony, like the precious oil poured on Aaron's head, and flowed to the whole body; like the honeydew of the Black Gate descended on Mount Zion; love and care for each other, and forgive and understand each other,Work together to move forward and build a happy Christian home!

41. May you obey the Bible throughout your life, honor your seniors, and love your neighbors; so that you will be blessed a hundredfold in the world and will be greatly rewarded in the future!

42. May my brothers be like Isaac, honest and brave, trusting in obedience, like an eagle spreading his wings; may my sister be like Rebekah, gentle, kind and hardworking, like a fruitful vine!

43. May the Lord bless you from the Most Holy Place, and may you see the benefits of the holy city Jerusalem all your life!

44. In the days of your great joy, send a blessing: Zhang Deng Cai Cai wedding couple, Hong Yan flew together and flew wings, spend the year together to tie branches, Li Rilian opened a tie. The next year, Takako smiled, husband and wifeA hundred years of love.

45. In your wedding celebration, may you two be loving and affectionate, benevolence, love in this life will be eternal, love will increase day by day!

46. In your days of good fortune, I wish you all the same heart, love each other, happy wedding, and happiness! Here, I only represent my family's most sincere blessings to you.

47. In the days when the spring blossoms are blooming and Qunfang is gorgeous, you two will always be close to each other. It is the so-called natural pair and the natural pair! I wish you both kindness and love!

48. At this moment of celebrating happiness, may your marriage, such as the river flowing back into the sea, become one, endless and endless!

49. Pearl Alliance, good marriage, love and enthusiasm, talented and beautiful women are connected, only envy and not envy. Bless friends happy wedding, sweet love, old age, happy life!

50. I wish you a lasting heart and a hundred years! Happy wedding, sweet and sweet!