Funny greetings for Children's Day

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1. Announcement: Tomorrow is your holiday. I wish you a happy holiday in advance! Please come to the kindergarten to receive a lollipop, a piece of nose cloth, a crotch pants, and a wet urine. Hereby notify!

2. You wear a small yellow chrysanthemum, a small red bellyband, a small white nipple in your mouth, and a big foot in your hands, asking what happened to you today, you said shyly, "People, they also thought about six todayOne! "

3 You, you were too ugly when you were a kid, too thin when you grew up, and too thick to pick up. It ’s not enough to pick up. It ’s too awkward at work and too meaty when driving. It ’s too stinky to play mahjong.

4 or 5 cents a pack of figs, sweet and sour is me. The suncakes of ten dimes are red, yellow, green, and all kinds of beautiful colors. The food that you will definitely patronize if you have money.I can't find it anymore.

5. Two cents a pack of salt and gold dates, because the shape and color are like rat feces, so it is also called "consumer feces", it is salty, sweet and sour, put a grain on the tip of the tongue, the aftertaste is infinite, adults said, With Chenpi added inside, clearing away heat and phlegm.

6. In childhood, I once collected a dime. I bought a lot of apricots, called a few children's companions, and my teeth were almost sour, but they were all saying "very sweet, very sweet."

7. I am young and have a poor family. Every sixty-one, I will pick up some waste and sell it, and I can buy a few ice creams with the money. That is the best, the most rare, and the most memorable of my life.Ah's ice cream!

8. Notice: Today is your holiday. I wish you a happy holiday! Please come to the kindergarten to receive a lollipop. Wipe a snot handkerchief, open a crotch pants, wet a diaper, hereby notify, do not receive pp severely overdueHit!

9, do n’t move, robbery! This is robbery! Understand? Quickly take out your sorrow, hand over your sadness, take out your troubles, take off your sadness, alas! Replace this, I send itHappy! I wish Liuyi Children's Day Happy!

10, I was desperate, Zixia left me, the master was too stubborn, the Demon King did not pay the debt, and the water curtain hole that was bought by him was snatched by the Buddha, leaving only a dime to send a text message.Brother, I wish you a happy holiday!

11 or more than 20 years ago, the message I sent to you today is received. It does n’t matter if I do n’t receive it. I ’ll send it again: Happy Holidays on June 1!

12. Wish: Happy Children's Day! Good dear, don't cry, laugh one !!!

13. When the popular fall in love with the earth does not hesitate to fall, only to get close to that moment; when Xingyun falls in love with the flowing water, does not hesitate to fall, only to understand the love of one's love; when I think of you, at no cost, just to tell you:Little boy, happy children's day!

14. In order to celebrate the Children's Day, more than 20 kinds of fruits are specially prepared, and each one is invited to the restaurant at 6:45 pm.

15. This is the message I give you tomorrow, only to see tomorrow! Peeping ?! Naughty! Tell you not to watch and see! No matter, you are not big! Happy Children's Day!

16. Happy Children's Day, always innocent you! Auntie has prepared sugar suitable for you to eat without hurting your teeth. Welcome to try it.

17, this is the message I give you one day later, it ’s time to look again! Peeking, right? Naughty, tell you not to look! Do you really want to see? Happy Children's Day!