Happy Father's Day greeting card to father

Dad Whether you hit me before or scolded me badly, I know that all of this is for my good, I just hate iron and steel, I don't really blame you at all, I wantTell you aloud, you are my good father forever.

You are an eagle, I am a bird; you are a big tree, I am a grass; you are my dad, and I am your naughty child who is a mischievous child. I am sending this message to you for the holiday!

Your annual time, when I am not around, I hope I can happily live every minute and every second. Dad, hard work!

Love your parents for the rest of your life, love one of your parents. Dad, no matter if you are rich or poor, expensive or low, I will always love you, you are a good father in my mind.

Dad, you always express your love in the most plain and simple way, but your love is enough for me to enjoy my life. Happy Father's Day!

You always have many ways to make me happy, you are always the one who cares most about me, father, I love you! Happy father!

Dad: You have worked hard for most of your life! Today is your holiday, and I want to say to you: Thank you, my dear and favorite dad!

Daddy, remember to smoke less, drink less, and exercise more. Your health is the happiness of the whole family. I wish you a happy holiday!

The youthful youth, the endless journey, it is the father who takes us bravely to look at life; the care without regret, the true love without resentment, and we can give the father a few points. I wish my father always happy and happy Father's Day.

On this special day, may all the blessings carry our love, squeezed into the father's wine glass, deep red to the bottom of my heart. I wish my father good health and happy Father's Day!

Father's love, the mighty shore is like a green hill; holiness is like snow and ice; warmth is like the sun; wide as the sea of ​​the sea! I grew up in the love of my father. Now Father's Day is coming, I wish all fathers a happy holiday!

Unlimited gratitude and warm wishes to my father, as well as many memories and affectionate thoughts. Because my father is so kind and unspeakable, I wish all my fathers a happy holiday!

Yesterday when I encountered an angel in the rain, I lent her an umbrella. She asked me if I wanted to be glorious or rich. I said nothing, as long as my father is healthy and happy in his old age, I wish everyone a Happy Father's Day!

Father ’s Day gives my father a coat. Peace is in the front, happiness is in the back, auspicious is the collar, Ruyi is the sleeve, happiness is the button, let it accompany my father every day, and I wish my father a happy holiday.

Autumn is deeply thoughtful. My father is like a fragrance of autumn. The treasure left to us is the philosopher's deep thinking and discernment, as well as the creed of calm life. On Father's Day, I wish all Father's Dayhappy.

Walking through the mountains, rivers, and waters, at the foot of the high and low; experience the ups and downs, but also seek; find a busy life, gain more or less, lose a little bit, it is important to be happy! Happy Father's Day!

The angel said that as long as you stand and make a wish in front of the ninety-nine tulips, God will hear it. I filled the room with flowers, and finally God said to me: Make a wish. I said: Father who wants to read the text messageHappy Holiday!

I will always remember how warm my hands are on my shoulders when the wind rises; I will always remember the back of my growth, my father ’s years have been replaced by my worry-free happiness! Bless my father, happy holidays!

Maybe I always worry you and make you angry, but today—on Father's Day, let me say to you: Dad, I love you!