Mandarin Women's Day SMS Message Blessing

The green leaves are perfect because of the red flowers, and the world is beautiful because of a woman! So thank the Creator for his greatness, and give us such a lovely "Eve". Long live Women's Day, Happy March 38!

Female friends, our holiday is here, we have to quit work and find happiness, lay down the housework to be comfortable, lay down the children to avoid being tired, lay down the stress and have a healthy heart. Women ’s Day, take a good break and restJust a moment.

March 8th, Women's Day, send blessings, to women, may you be beautiful, stay young, send greetings, to women, may you be happy, stay happy, send text messages, to women, may you, 38, Happy mood, happy Tao Tao.

March 8th Women's Day, the text message sends my sincere greetings: long-term struggle in the kitchen, struggling in caring for children, struggling female compatriots in the work position, you have worked hard, I wish you a happy 38th festival!

Women's Day is a reminder to women: Make sure you are mentally prepared, because on this day, your family may be particularly good to you and surprise you. Do n’t be moved to tears! May you be happy every day in the future!

At the centennial anniversary of Women's Day, flowers are blooming, birds are rising, I am full of sentiments, my blessings are 100%, and I sincerely wish the female friends I know are the best and the best!

To fully recognize and reflect women, especially full-time wives Family The labor paid in China affirmed their contribution. I propose: implement the wage of household chores! And I wish the women compatriots a Happy Women's Day!

In order to greet Women's Day on March 8th, all male compatriots should respond to the call: Come with me! Be meek as a cat! Take the initiative! Say hello! Be proud of how much you have contributed to women today!

Generally speaking, feminine women like to spend money, women who do n’t spend money are not romantic, and romantic women are not reserved, but you are rare in women who do n’t like to spend money and are romantically reserved. I wantHappy Women's Day!

Because of the existence of women, the world becomes full of tenderness, the family becomes warm, and life becomes colorful. Today is Women's Day, blessings for all women: always look young and beautiful!