Classic Anniversary School Celebrates Fuyu Daquan

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1. Studying in the green forest, working closely with books, living in a secluded environment, mysterious and fresh, the green pillars grow with me. Every time I pass by, I visit the aftertaste, parting for ten years, unforgettable past love, bless you: alma mater!

2. Golden autumn season, Dangui fragrance. I am glad to hear that the alma mater is celebrating the fiftieth anniversary. I am in the north of the motherland. With a heart of a child, I look at the alma mater in Beijing with great emotion, write this letter to express me.Sincere congratulations to my alma mater!

3, 50 years of Jing'an Elementary School, exhausted the sweat of the gardener; 50 years of continuous efforts, and achieved great results; 50 years of hard work, cultivated countless flowers; 50 years of joint effortsAnd see the glory of tomorrow!

4. Ten years of ups and downs, created countless elites, ten years of vicissitudes, and cultivated peach and plum gardens. It is the bud of knowledge that you have given me, the motivation you gave me to move forward, and the birth of students from generation to generation. Blessings.You, Yanyuan Education, wish forever brilliant!

5. Changsha Yanyuan Education, a comprehensive training institution integrating professional postgraduate entrance examination training, academic education, and management internal training, and bless all students who participated in the training to take off!

6. The alma mater has gone through many vicissitudes and worked hard to win the world, and has cultivated tens of thousands of talents for the motherland. Looking back at the past, we are extremely proud, looking forward to the future, we are full of confidence. We believe that the alma mater will continue to create successA new starting point.

7. Ten years of Yanyuan, let tens of thousands of colleges become elites in the workplace, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the school, I hope Yanyuan will make persistent efforts to let more students apply what they have learned, and also hope that Yanyuan will have a better tomorrow., More brilliant, gaining greater influence.

8. Ten years of hard teaching, such as spring weather and rain, pouring out countless bright flowers. Paving a road of hope. For more than ten years in life, let us work together for the ideal. May the education of Yanyuan always flourish!

9. Ten years of glorious times, ten thousand students have not only harvested the fragrance of knowledge, but also the fragrance of life. The tenth anniversary celebration, I hope Changsha Yanyuan Education has a more brilliant future.

10, 60 years of hard history, East China University of Science and Technology has accumulated a deep cultural heritage; 60 years of determination, East China University of Science and Technology has formed distinctive school characteristics; 60 years of hard work, East China University of Technology has created a miracle.

11. Qian Ying is charming, Chinese Academy of Sciences, strong and strong. The fruit of scientific research is fruitful, the fragrance of peaches and plums is full. Long road of Jiazi, diligent and pave the way; Yin Yin student love, soul gardener casting!

12. Fifty years of spring and autumn, both wind and rain, 50 years of pioneering and vicissitudes, and vicissitudes of hardships. Fifty years, you have cultivated a large number of talents for the motherland and forged a fifty monument! Fifth birthday, may my alma materIn the new journey, cast new glory!

13. A concept, 20,000 students, three campuses, well-known around the world, five principals, 50th birthday, colorful Huali, eight academicians, nine best-in-class, very moved, 100 times hard work, blueprint, VientianeUpdate, Blessings!

14, 50 years of wind and rain, created countless elites, 50 years of vicissitudes, cultivated peach and plum gardens, unforgettable you PolyU, it is the bud you gave me knowledge, the motivation you gave me to move forward, the birth of youFrom generation to generation, bless you and bless you forever.

15, 50 years, both wind and rain, both journeys, and accumulated deep heritage; a few hardships, roughened into steel, cast a heroic posture; 50 years, look back at the same celebration, raise the cup and continue the Chinese chapter!

16. The sky is cold, the fire is melting. The vegetables and fruits dishes and bowls, old wines are hazy at night, gathered in the campus. Poetry and wine, full of race real dragons. Ask the classmates to talk about recent events, and the sky is like a rainbow! ComeDaily success.

17 or 50 years, Bai Ku has passed, wind and rain and fruit go together! Fifty years, brilliant, vicissitudes, and triumphant ensemble! Spirit and ideals gather here, youth and future resonate here, history and culture accumulate and cultivateBlend with harvest here.

18, Huali is a fifty-pronged Jiangdong, and the staff is diligent; the diligence seeks to cultivate talents, and the combination of production and education promotes development; talents in the chemical field, academicians of the two academies come to the fore; and strive to advance to Chinese people, and to hold good morals in mind; Today's birthday is universal, praying for the name of tomorrow.

19 、 The years in the memory echo the sound of the books in the white birch forest in the early morning. The years in the memory engraved the flowing water and flowers of every small bridge in the campus. The four years in the memory are not long.Every bit of it is treasured forever! Birthday Happy!

20, 50 years, years like songs, a zi, vicissitudes of life. For 50 years, Huali has grown up with the motherland. For 50 years, Huali has helped the development of the motherland. Huali, bless you! We are for youMoving!

21 At Huali, we have gone from ignorant to mature, from ignorance to reason, from shallow to full. Today I am proud of Huali and tomorrow Huali is proud of me. East China University of Technology, 60th anniversary, we, for youBirthday.

The precipitation of 22 and 60 years of history has created the stability and glory of Huali. The 60 years of wind and rain have made Huali's head more daring to fight. On your 60th anniversary, I wish you well, Huali! I wish youShow more and stronger light on the road to future education!

23. Sixty years ago today, on this land, a magnificent prelude was played; today, sixty years later, it is still here, winning the world of hard work, diligence, pragmatism, inspiration, and demonstrating excellence.The essence of the generation from generation to generation. Wish you 60th birthday!

24. Sixty years of trouble and success, Huali has gone through Huaxia, spreading fruitful results, creating countless elites; Sixty years of hard work, Huali strives for good governance, good morals, and wins the reputation of the world!

25, The autumn wind is thin, Ye Yewutong falls; time flies, talented people come out. Xiaoxiao twilight rains the river sky, and cleans up the autumn; students gather in Huali, six ranks celebrate the birthday. Red leaves yellow flowers fall late, thousands of milesRead alma mater; whisper and sing sings with strong affection, Bafang celebrates Jiazi.

26. The popular rain runs early in the autumn, remembering the past and asking for heaven. Pepsi is lingering in the heart, admiring the truth, adding beauty, and grass everywhere. How much do you know about the world? And report to the home country and the elderly. CampusThe scenery is infinitely good. I am willing to be with you for a long time, why not be afraid of young people!

27, 60 years ago, here weeds were overgrown, no one was here, and the East China Chemical elites gathered together to draw blueprints side by side; for 60 years, here, there were buildings, masters, and thousands of outstanding students struggling to write the chapter. 60 years later,All Huali friends laughed and praised the glory!

28, Qinghua School of Science, strong and strong years. Fruitful research results, peaches and plums are full of fragrance. Long road of Jiazi, diligent and pragmatic work. Yin Yin students love, soul gardener casting. Zhu Huali: Do not hesitate to develop, create great achievements, and climb againpeak!

29. The 60-year-old Huali is still full of vitality, the 60-year-old Huali is still full of vitality, and the 60-year-old Huali is the warmest memory in our hearts. For 60 years, Huali was moved by you.

30, Huaju Chemical Industry is proud of itself, and it is the cause of all kinds of professions in the East. The science, technology, agriculture, medicine, business, and trade are all together. Fairness and justice conceive Confucianism.Look at the stars to the sun and the moon. The teachers and students are full of enthusiasm, I wish Huali forever brilliant!

31. On the occasion of the centennial celebration of this alma mater, I would like to offer my heartfelt blessings and sincere thanks. Drinking water does not forget to dig wells, and I would like to borrow the centennial celebration to send me a small heart. Sincerely wishAlma Mater has a 100-year birthday, and I hope that my alma mater will be talented every year.

32. Jiuwen has a simple school style, rigorous academics, and talented people. Since fifty years ago, your school has been aggressive, realistic, innovative, and successful. It has spread frequently. I wish Guigui take the lead in the reform of quality education and continue to make continuous efforts.Create new glory.

33, XX Middle School In a century of hardships and hardships, a group of people with lofty ideals came out from here and rushed to the stage of Chinese history; on the glorious history page of the Chinese nation, there are your epic chapters! Here, I wish Xiangtan No. 1A middle school keeps pace with the times and casts glory again!

34. On the occasion of the centennial celebration of your school, all the teachers and students of our school extend their sincere congratulations to your school! I wish your school's future is more splendid and brilliant! Let us join hands, side by side, close unity, and forge quality education togetherTomorrow!

35. I am glad to hear that your school ’s centennial birthday. I should have attended the meeting to celebrate and learn from the experience of a hundred years of trees. Unfortunately, due to the busy school affairs, I did not go to Hunan. I would like to apologize and give my congratulations.The school affairs of your school have been on the rise, and they have reached a new level, and the centennial celebration series have been successfully completed.

36. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of XX Middle School, I sincerely hope that in the new century, the school will continue to carry forward the century-old glorious tradition, adhere to the modernization, the world, the future, pioneering and innovative, and cultivate excellence for our country.A new chapter in talents.

37. In the golden autumn, fruitful days, we ushered in the centennial celebration of XX First Middle School. On the occasion of the centennial birthday, I wish the celebrations a complete success, and I wish my alma mater's accumulated history and more ambitious plans,Extending the years, continue to create brilliant !?

38. Alma Mater has gone through many vicissitudes and worked hard to win the world. We look back at the past, we are extremely proud, looking forward to the future, and we are confident. We firmly believe that the 100th anniversary of Alma Mater will be a new starting point for her to advance with the times and create new achievements.!

39. The century-old dream is the dream of spreading civilization, the dream of pursuing science, the dream of sowing hope, and the dream of casting glory. The fragrant peach and plum has nourished my heart, and this is how the Keke seedlings are in the gardener.Cultivate to thrive.

40. One hundred years, the vicissitudes of time, we are deeply moved. One hundred years, remembering the brilliant achievements of our school, let us surging. The splendid cloud, which is made by us with double hand-painted; the stars are bright, that isWe hold it with both hands. Please take off again!