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Internship Weekly in Human Resource Management

Time: 2020-01-23 Recommended visit : Weekly Diary

first week

Internship content :

performed at ××× human resources Graduation Internship, the first week is mainly for pre-job training. The company executives introduced the company's rules and regulations, corporate culture and other content, and then conducted a week-long training for safety education. During the period, the focus was on ××× Human Resources Office.Internal organization setting and staffing plan, how to allocate manpower reasonably according to job needs, how to carry out staff recruitment, assessment, reward and punishment, dismissal, and do a good job of recommending all kinds of advanced people, all kinds of reward candidates and talent fund funding targets,How to carry out the specific organizational work of staff regularization, grading, appointment, and professional and technical qualification review, familiar with the daily staff management work, including attendance management, immigration approval, selection and management of on-the-job graduate students; how to develop employee salaries, Allowances, subsidies, and repatriation of retired personnel, approving overtime pay, festival remuneration, family visits and other staff costs; personnel file management process and other daily work links, and strive to pass the week's training as soon as possible to qualify for the job.

心得体会 :

Today is Saturday, pick a sunny morning and write down my first week Internship experience . Internship, although it is not a real job, but it is a starting point of my working life and an indispensable stage for transitioning from a student to a working person. On the first day of entering the company, everything is strange.It ’s also very fresh. One by one with unfamiliar faces, but I do n’t know each other, but it ’s friendly to smile. The week passed quickly. In this week, I try to make myself adapt to the environment faster and faster.Integrate into this large group, because only with the boss and colleagues to deal with the relationship can be beneficial to the development of their work.

second week

Internship content :

The substantial pre-employment training is over, and the specific work of the second week is ushered in. This week, I mainly contacted the personnel file management of XX. Establishing a sound storage system is the key to effective storage of personnel files. One weekI have roughly gone through the following process: 1. For the archiving of personnel materials, the materials must be identified first to see if they meet the archiving requirements. Second, the specific location of the archives is determined according to the properties and content of the materials.Fill in the name of the material; finally put the new material into the file 2 to check and check the file, to check the personnel file material itself, such as to see if there is mold, worms, etc., and to check the environment where the personnel file is kept, such as checking the warehouseWhether the doors and windows are intact, whether there are other storage errors, and the transfer of 3 personnel files are generally due to the study of the confidentiality system of 4 personnel files caused by job changes. As a professional, you must not disclose the contents of personnel files without authorization, and strictly observe the statistics of the secret 5 personnel files.It mainly includes the number of personnel files, supplementary information collection, file storage, and utilization.Statistics and warehouse equipment in the personnel files of personnel in the activities.

Experience :

Through the contact of the one-week ××× personnel files, I understood that personnel files are an important means to consider and understand cadres, are an indispensable basis for personnel system reform, and provide information support for personnel system reform. Personnel files areThe important means of cultivating, investigating, forecasting, and talents is an important basis for realizing human resources. Whether or not to establish a knowledgeable, young, and professional medical team, talent is the foundation, prerequisite, and key. A personnel matterThe file can provide a comprehensive information for the ××× to find talents, cultivate talents and use talents to provide accurate and reliable basis.

third week

Internship content :

This week, I mainly studied the design plan of human resources planning process of ×××. ××× currently proposes a five-year development plan for human resources allocation and needs: 1 clinical, medical technology, nursing, agency, logistics and other departmentsComplete staffing, talent echelon construction, education level, talent structure, and talent thickness have been significantly optimized 2 Strive to create a group of influential discipline leaders in the city and even domestically, create a group of well-known specialty majors 3 Create a standardized and orderly,An atmosphere of fair competition and talent.Create a good environment that is conducive to the growth and success of talents from a system and mechanism perspective.

Experience :

Human resources planning is an important part of human resources development and management. It is to achieve the strategic and tactical goals. According to the current human resources status, in order to meet the quality and quantity of human resources in the future period of time.Necessary, decide on the forecast and related matters for the introduction, maintenance, improvement, and outflow of human resources.

Fourth week

Internship content :

Participate in the recruitment process this week. Due to the difference in recruitment positions, the number of manpower requirements and personnel requirements, the recruitment of ××× is divided into internal recruitment and external recruitment. Internal recruitment ××× managers have considerablePart of it is promoted from the inside, which helps to improve the morale of employees and cultivate the spirit of enthusiasm of employees. When there is a vacant position in a department of XX, the human resources department will promptly change the nature, responsibilities and position of the vacant position.The required conditions are announced in the form of announcements on the ××× hospital reports and notice files to the majority of employees. Hopeful employees can recommend themselves, and then hold internal job fairs to compete for employment, choose the best candidates, or recommend their familiar ones by the clinical department.Candidates, and then learn about employee education, training, experience, skills and other information based on employee files, and organize the personnel department to jointly evaluate and screen them, and finally hire them. Internal recruitment is beneficial to saving recruitment costs, and because internal employees are familiar with each other, they often agree with each otherHigh, is conducive to the development of future work. ××× Due to the special nature of the industry, many managementBits must understand the business, and therefore are more internal recruitment management positions.

Due to the high mobility of medical staff and natural attrition, external human resources cannot meet the changes and development of ××× at any time. In addition, ××× also needs to add some discipline leaders and technical backbones.Waiting for high-end talents to promote the development of ×××, therefore, ××× ’s external recruitment is mainly for the recruitment of discipline leaders, technical backbones or fresh graduates of various colleges and universities. The main channels for external recruitmentYes: Post recruitment information through newspapers, websites, etc. through job fairs; self-recommendations from graduates of colleges and technical secondary schools; introduction of in-service employees; attend some academic conferences, etc.

Experience :

Recruitment is the top priority of ×××. The quality of the recruiting staff is really related to the development of ×××. Therefore, the leaders of ××× attach great importance to recruitment and have adopted a series of measures and invested a lot of manpower., Material and financial resources, but due to the following shortcomings in the process, recruitment is still a certain distance from the expected goal. Therefore, several optimization suggestions are proposed: First, the clinical departments according to ××× human resource planning and job analysis of the quantity and quality requirements,Make a recruitment plan, and the human resources department will review it, especially the personnel requirements, expenses and other items to strictly review, sign an opinion and submit to the ××× dean for approval. Second, when drafting the recruitment plan, the specific content should include: positions, needsQuantity, specific requirements for each post; time, method, channel and scope of recruitment information release; source and scope of recruitment objects; recruitment methods; recruitment test implementation department; recruitment budget; recruitment end time and new employee arrival time.The Human Resources Department implements specific detailed information based on the time, method, channel and scope of the recruitment information release determined by the recruitment plan.Job search. Qualification review, interviews, and examinations of job applicants again. The human resources department will transfer the list and data of qualified candidates to the clinical departments. After the preliminary selection of the clinical departments, the human resources department will conduct re-examinations and physical examinations.In this process, the positions generated in the job analysis phase should be strictly followed Instruction Standard selection. Then sign a trial contract with the hired person and arrange suitable positions. The trial contract should specify the trial position, the trial period, the remuneration and benefits of the trial period, the employee's performance goals during the trial period, and their commitments.Including obligations and responsibilities, conditions for employees to normalize, etc. At the end, the recruitment cost, the number of recruited personnel, and the quality are evaluated and reported to the dean in the form of a report.