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Winter Holiday Weekly

Time: 2020-01-10 Recommended visit : Weekly Diary

Today, it's really bad luck to get home! Want to know the reason? Please listen to me slowly-

I was going to go to the market with my grandmother and mother to buy food. After we left the house, my mother closed the door, and my grandma shouted: "Ah! I forgot to bring the key!"My mother was shocked. I murmured, "I knew I wouldn't go out ..." But what should I do now? I can only wait for Grandpa to come back, but he is now going to fetch water on the mountain. My mother comforted me and said, "It ’s okay, it ’s okay, grandpa will go home when we come back after shopping. "

Can come back after shopping, grandpa still did not go home. We can only advanced neighbors, because our balcony and neighbor's balcony are connected, from the neighbor's balcony to open our door.

We finally returned home. It took almost two hours for the grandfather to fetch water. Anyway, the end of the matter still relieved me.