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weekly diary when alone

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The sun is off, the Moon Girl has come out to take over, the pedestrians hurried on the road, and the crowd of people after work has increased. They are rushing back to dinner with their families and telling what happened around today at the table. Dinner, how exciting and warmWord!

"Oh! The money for dinner is on the table. I remember to buy food and eat, and my mother has classes at night." Before going out to school, my mother didn't forget to bite me sincerely. It seems that tonight's dinner, I have to be alone.Yes, only loneliness accompanied me. My mother is the one Composition Teacher, I have to take classes every day, seven days a week. It is very hard. Occasionally, I use the free time between class and class to take me to race with time to eat a small hot pot. If I encounter a child ’s test week suspension, IYou can have a good meal and have dinner made by your mother.

"Welcome! Brother, it's early tonight! Is the same soup noodles with eggs, take it away?" The boss asked me in a gentle tone. I nodded and said, "Well!" Wait a while to pay the money, Carrying my dinner "Sutang Noodles and Eggs" home alone and sitting in front of the TV, although I was lonely, fortunately there was a good friend "Cartoon" to accompany me, making my dinner time more lively,I used the magic weapon of Doraemon to take the time to fall back to the ancient times of dinosaurs, travel around the world through any gate, wear a bamboo dragonfly, fly and gallop in the sky, the show is over, and I also eat after dinnerIt's over, start writing your homework!

After turning off the TV after dinner, although it is peaceful, thinking that the mother who is still in class has not eaten dinner yet! I am no longer afraid in my heart, but have a little more distraction and perseverance. I will finish my homework quickly.Clean up the home so that the hard-working mother can enjoy dinner easily and happily after returning home. Thinking of it, the mechanical pencil on her hand seems to have long legs, and she can't help writing faster.

"Wow! Baby, your homework is well written, your home is clean, really good!" Mother's words of praise came to her ears and drove away all the loneliness; although it was already ten o'clock, butI can hear her compliments to me and accompany her for dinner. I cherish the dinner time reunited at night; the moment I see the smile on my mother's face, it is the most beautiful mountain and sea taste, and all the wait is worth it!