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Interesting practical activity weekly diary

Time: 2020-01-10 Recommended visit : Weekly Diary

In the beautiful spring of April, the school organized an interesting three-day practice in Shaoyang.

On Monday, everyone got on the bus with excitement, excitement, and curiosity. The bus arrived at the entrance of Shaoyang in a short while. The trees are overcast and the flowers are blooming. These three days, the course is rich and interesting.There are soymilk, cross-stitch, soldering iron painting, kite making ... I am most impressed with cross-stitch and soldering iron painting.

I am very happy to hear that the teacher has a cross stitch class! Because our girls are clever, this kind of thing is "Zhang Fei eating bean sprouts-a piece of cake" for us, but this is not the case. When we came to the classroom,I saw various tools on the table, including needles, threads, scissors ... The teacher explained to us the method of embroidering cross-stitch. The students were eager to try, and I couldn't wait to pick up the needle in my hand and embroider it. It started smoothly.Gradually, several threads were tangled together, and I laboriously untied the threads. I saw that the whole class was very busy, and some were embroidering intently; some encountered difficulties, and "learned" from the next students;Some are already annoyed and are embroidering. I saw a male student with sloppy hands and feet, and his hands kept flying up and down. After a while, he embroidered a beautiful pattern. The teacher praised his ingenuity and skill.The lesson passed quickly, and I embroidered only half of the time. Usually, it was easy for my mother to embroider. It was difficult to get started.

And the lesson was a soldering iron painting, I also found it very interesting. The teacher told us the history of the soldering iron painting with a smile. After the teacher said, it's time for us to do it. I tried it for the first time, but I was a bit scared and some were not.Dare, because the teacher said it has a high temperature of 400 degrees Celsius. I hesitated for a few minutes before I picked up the electric iron and drew it, but my hand was shaking and the lines were drawn crooked. Look at others, and some are almost finishedSome are well-thought-out, quickly painting, some are clumsy, and I do n’t know how to start ... "Ding—" The bell rang, and we brought our work back to the classroom happily in line.

This event, I understand that everything is not easy, but I ca n’t shrink back when I encounter difficult things. Only take the first step bravely to feel the joy of success.