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Walking through the Maren Jungle Weekly

Time: 2020-01-10 Recommended visit : Weekly Diary

On the weekend morning, several buses, carrying our small reporters, came to Maren Qifeng in Fanchang County for a wonderful adventure. We were full of spirits and we were very excited about this adventure.Activity, full of curiosity and anticipation!

This time, we mainly experience Ma Renqifeng's new projects "Five Fortune Maze" and "Jungle Crossing."

We first came to the "Five Fortunes Labyrinth", each student first received a pass, then entered the maze, found five different colors of "Fu" seals, one by one on the pass, and then walked out of the maze,You can receive a beautiful gift.

I am most interested in "Jungle Crossing". This project is located in a forest in Maren Mountain. There are a lot of thrilling levels. I love adventure. Of course, I will not let go of such a good opportunity.!

After a long queue, it was my turn. The staff helped me wear protective equipment, put on a safety rope, everything was ready, and finally started my jungle crossing. I first observed the entire level,It did n’t seem as difficult as I thought, and I began to relax. I thought: This is too simple, it ’s too difficult for me, look at me! Sure enough, I successfully climbed the ladder and easily crossed the first few levelsSelf-confidence bursts out, and starts to be proud! Going around on the wire rope, and posing all kinds of poses, the unbelievable force can't be finished!

After a while, I came to the "balance beam" level, this level mainly tests the balance and tolerance of people. I walked steadily in the first few blocks, and when passing a vertical piece of wood, I only need to be slightly lighterWith a light movement, the whole rope began to dangle rapidly, and I felt that I would fall at any time. I was so scared that I stood on the balance beam, daring not to move, so anxious that the six gods had no master, and I began to feel uneasy! The mother on the side kept encouraging me,Teach me tricks. My heart began to calm down slowly, according to the method my mother taught me, hold the steel rope with both hands, look forward, bravely embark on the journey again, carefully step by step, and finally successfully passed all the cards!

Through this jungle trekking activity, I realized that when faced with difficulties, restlessness is useless. What we need is calmness and resilience. I am glad that with the encouragement of my mother, I finally chose the latter.Conquered fear and won victory! I proved with action: Only if you have the courage to face the challenge, you will finally meet the dawn of victory!