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University Court Internship Weekly Diary

Time: 2020-01-07 Recommended visit : Weekly Diary

Part 1: Court translate1171

I just arrived at the First People ’s Court of XX City. I ’m a little bit excited. Here I am going to spend the internship from school to society—internship. I am fortunate to be able to assign to the courts related to economic disputes according to the volunteers I filled out——The Second Min court, and followed Wen Jie, a judge with ten years of trial experience. Her clerk is Sister Zhu Yan, a student from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law Graduation Graduate student, has been a clerk here for over a year, mainly responsible for handling various paperwork in the office, receiving and contacting parties. There are only seven people in my office, and the only male clerk in this office is Qiang.He also worked with Sister Wen, mainly responsible for running outside the office. He drove out early in the morning. When he was busy, he would return to the court at 7 or 8 pm. He and Sister Zhu Xi could be said to be partners in and out of the office.There is another intern from Southern Medical University, A Zhuang, followed by another judge, Sister Lei. Sister Lei has only one clerk, Sister Shu. She has too many cases and is understaffed. Although she is only here for a week, she is familiar with it.The environment here. I'm glad to meet an intern in an office, and I often ask her how to deal with things and occasionally eat with her.

When I first arrived, I was not too familiar with the day-to-day work of the court clerk. Sister Zhu Xi took four or five document bags to my small square table and let me file them to familiarize myself with the civil proceedings. These documents are drummed.Drums are materials about construction engineering disputes, which involve many terms in the construction profession. I took a bunch of materials but didn't know the direction to browse. Sister Zhu Xi reminded me to look at the verdict, but just looking at the verdict of more than ten pagesI'm dizzy, what foundation, what floor construction is waterproof, what cracks on the surface, what reinforced slab beams, I didn't know what material I was looking at all morning. The first morning was in the abstract concept.Fainted. Sister Zhu Xi considered that I was not able to digest the materials, so I asked me to move the battlefield and go to the summons so that I can get out of the bitter sea.

Part 2: Court Internship Weekly

×× City First People's Court is currently the only domestic court established in the town, which shows that the number of cases here is very large. In general, the work rhythm of people working here is non-stop, as hereA word spread: "The women here are treated as men, and men are treated as cattle." The office is a bit understaffed, and even the person who comes here to make soy sauce feels quite busy. In addition to handling the officeVarious litigation procedures, such as stamping various seals, printing, sending and receiving judgments, mailing subpoenas, issuing announcements, sending printing plates, filing, coding, sending courier, bankruptcy settlement calculations, judgments, court records, and transcriptsWait for a call from another office, I also have to run over to help, one day down, there is really no time to daze, it is a very fulfilling life.

Probably the easiest thing to do is to file. At the beginning, it was really because of the large amount of evidence and litigation materials that made me dizzy, but it was easy to get started after many contacts. First look at the content of the judgment to understand the general situation of the case.The situation and understanding of the evidence, and then sort the various materials according to the archive directory, and pay attention to the contents of various documents, not just look at the beginning of the rough, mixed together out of order, but also must be sorted according to the order of proof.At the beginning of filing, I was very anxious. I thought that filing such a trivial matter didn't take too much brainpower. It was very sloppy. I was often sent back by the back-office in the court.I ’ll go and ask what went wrong, and avoid making the same mistake next time. Gradually, I found that there are so many things that can be learned by organizing the files. Those are the complete case materials that have already been judged. By readingJudgment, I can understand the legal knowledge involved in the disputes of different economic cases;, Questioning transcripts, I can understand the lawsuits and methods of lawyers on both sides, and stand by the judge to observe the case; by collating the evidence, I can know what kind of evidence is needed for a certain type of case to effectively prove my claimBy comparing different court documents and filing them in order, you can cultivate your own legal logical thinking. From this perspective, I find that filing is not a very fun thing, and the cases handled by Sister Wen are mostly difficult and complicated economic contracts.There are quite a lot to learn in dispute cases.