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Wish Weekly

Time: 2019-12-31 Recommended visit : Weekly Diary

Times fly by, time flies. A wonderful and interesting year has passed. When the new year comes, there will be new hopes and new wishes.

Alexander once said: "I leave hope to myself, and it will bring me infinite wealth." The bird hopes that more delicious insects can satisfy the appetite; the insects hope that more green leaves can enjoy, To make myself healthier; leaves hope that a brighter sun can make life more brilliant. "Hope" gives people motivation and courage. "Hope" is important, and what is my special wish for the new year?

My wish is that my studies can flourish and grow stronger. As I get older, the difficulty of my schoolwork also increases and becomes more complicated. After school, it is already after the sun, and every day I step on the dim light of street lights.With heavy steps to go home. Daily exams, quizzes, big exams, review exams ... such as the twinkling stars in the sky, countless, endless exams. Reading a night battle is already commonplace, after reading the language, reading English; readingAfter reading physics, reading chemistry; after reading history, reading geography ... non-stop, non-stop reading. I hope I can have better grades, and I can "go one step further in my studies!"

"Life has dreams, and dream building is practical." Hope is very important, but it must not be just dreaming. It must be realized and bring yourself to the hall of success. "Wish" is the driving force of life. Everyone has their own.Desire, the goal of my own efforts, I hope that my studies can go to a higher level. If you have a desire, you must work hard, don't give up, don't give up halfway, there is nothing impossible in the world.

In the new year, everyone has a beautiful wish, my own special wish is-academic progress, gold list title!