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weekly diary for college student preschool education practice

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lead : I believe there must be a lot of thoughts during the internship in the university, so record these internship thoughts! The following is a small editor to share college students Internship Weekly Diary Let's take a look together.

Weekly Diary of College Student Preschool Education Internship 1

Recall that in the coming week, I climbed out of bed with a weak body around six o'clock every day. I went back and forth between kindergarten and school three times a day, morning, middle, and night.In the meantime, I still feel quite full. Especially when the kindergarten children call me "Mr. Yu", I am particularly proud. Looking at their lively and lovely figures, I seem to see myself as a child, and alsoThey are just as naive and happy!

When I'm free, I observe the interaction and learning between the teacher and the children. I find that the teachers are particularly good at guiding the children to learn with them, and they are especially patient with the children, which I admire very much.This apprenticeship not only allowed me to learn about the daily diet of young children, but also allowed me to get close to their psychology, which has benefited me a lot! Slowly I realized that the kindergarten profession has a very important responsibility. Because I amSeeing that the hope of the future motherland is in our hands, we must guide them to take every step of the beginning of life. To this end, we must first take every step of our own, work hard to learn relevant knowledge inside and outside the classroom, and strive to become a futureExcellent preschool teacher!

One week's internship is over. I find that I still like children. It's not about professionalism. I just like it. I understand that preschool education is not easy. Talents are not mentioned. Your thoughts and behaviors are all about affecting childrenWords and deeds. It is more important that you have patience and love, use your patience and love to guide the children and let them grow up healthy and happy.

Weekly Diary of University Student Preschool Education Internship 2

In the week when the kindergarten arrived, according to my actual situation, the principal arranged me in middle class. During the process of the initial understanding and contact between the children and me, I must master the role they play when they understand and get along with them.Be friends with them and think about them from the perspective of them.

Example :

1. Do not ask young children for regular school education, reduce the time for children to play and sleep.

2 The education method should conform to the children's psychology, and provide children with a variety of education in the form of games, so that children can learn in joy, so that the physiological organs and personality qualities can develop healthily.

3. Respect the natural development of young children, give appropriate help and guidance, and promote the all-round development of young children. The process of teaching is also the process of designing activities. Activities are of great significance to preschool teachers in colleges and universities.Education theory courses also have a special status. Activities in elementary education are often understood as a supplementary form of teaching, and in the undergraduate preschool teachers, they represent the whole of education.

There are no simple lectures and textbooks in kindergartens. All education requires the input of children's psychological and physical systems, and all need to be accomplished through activities.

I have summarized three models of early childhood education through one year of work and study :

1. Heuristic.

It is shown that all activities are not performed according to pre-designed procedures, and the protagonist is the child, not the adult. The children can move freely according to their own interests, and they can freely move from one activity to anotherAn event.

2. Orderly.

It means that everything has its fixed position, and every activity is carried out in an orderly way. Children who live in a methodical order will feel comfortable and at ease, and help train them to do thingsMeticulous spirit and responsibility.

3. Traditional style.

In this model, all activities are arranged and guided by teachers. This traditional habit and structure helps to cultivate the sense of security of young children, and teaches young children to organize their own activities and arrange a reasonable time. I thinkThe most valuable thing about this kindergarten internship is to have an understanding of the concept of work, and at the same time have a more perceptual understanding of the work to be done in the future. I believe that I will definitely be an excellent kindergarten teacher and feel the happiness of growing up with my children.

Weekly Diary of College Student Early Childhood Education Internship 3

I've been in kindergarten in a big city for a week, because I'm taking kindergarten nursery classes. So there are no class tasks. Just look at the children's group problem.

Because this kindergarten class is newly established, I don't know what happened, a lot of new children came within a week. The cost of the kindergarten class is 500 yuan per month! Previously, in the rural Doudou kindergarten, due to various agesAll children have it. All children's hosting fee is 300 fast per month! The difference is not much. There are many students in our school in Aierfang Kindergarten, the kind of large joint-venture kindergarten charges thousands of monthly! The difference is so muchwhat!

A total of 7 new babies arrived in a week. Two of the most headaches are two of them! I always make trouble every day, and the most common thing I do with other children every day is to grab toys. Sometimes I also beat people.! If it wasn't for me, maybe the two teachers in the class would be exhausted every day!

The worst thing is still behind. The two babies can't seem to like our new environment, so I had a small meeting with the two teachers during the courseware. What should I do if I encounter this kind of thing?If only it would be a little girl, soothe me!

One of the teachers also doubted whether the two children had ADHD! But soon this proposal was "vetoed" by me! Because I saw a little girl with ADHD in a tutorial class when I was studying before. Every minuteDon't let people stop! In fact, many parents now think that their children are hyperactive is "hyperactivity disorder". In fact, I finally found out that these two children are not well adapted to the new environment. I checked at night that the children were not suitable for kindergartenWhat about the environment? Finally, I finally found the best answer on the Internet. I can consider changing the kindergarten, but do n’t run away. It ’s a pampering attitude to avoid his mistakes blindly. When the child was young, he had some adaptation to the collective life when he first went to kindergarten.The difference is that some children adapt quickly, while others adapt slowly.

If there is a difference in class and interest in the same thing at home, but consider that the surrounding environment has caused him to undergo such changes. For example, a child in a kindergarten can attract his attention more than a teacher,What misunderstanding exists between the teachers.

In addition, in terms of his attitude towards other children, if he makes trouble with other children, or slightly bullies other children, it should indicate that he likes that child very much.

Also doing wrong things in kindergarten, he went home and made it clear that this proved that his attitude was correct. At this time, parent education played a key role.