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Four articles of Electrical Internship Weekly

Time: 2019-12-31 Recommended visit : Weekly Diary

Recording the internship through the weekly diary will help to better absorb knowledge. The following is the electrical arrangement by the editor Internship Weekly Diary Welcome to read!

Electrical Internship Weekly 1

Ensuring the normal operation of electrical equipment is our mission as an electrician. Safe, effective, reasonable, and correct use of electricity is our electrician's job.

Inspection electrical equipment must not be near lightning arresters and lightning rods, requirements for wearing labor protection products, etc. The basic knowledge of electrical safety is essential for electricians. As an operating electrician, inspection work is very important. Inspections can be found in the main control room during equipment operationThe problem that cannot be monitored is the important way to find out whether the equipment is operating normally at the scene, and it is the key work to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Our operators must not take carelessly, deal with it rashly, and take it lightly. In 5During the monthly work, I am mainly familiar with the diagram of the power supply operation system, the name and number, status, and location of the electrical equipment of the entire plant. In daily work, opening, work tickets, switching operations, identification signal alarm, supervision disk, accident handling, theseI have been familiar with and mastered the work content. After five months, I feel that I still have some shortcomings, lack of experience in handling accidents, working principles of electrical equipment, secondary protection, and maintenance of operating equipment. There is no deeper knowledge of theseunderstanding.

The workshop provides skills and safety training every Friday, the total of accident handling experience, which will help me improve my work skills and rich experience.

Electrical Internship Weekly 2

Through the third week's electrician internship, I got a lot of gains.

First, I have mastered the use of an electric soldering iron, and the welding methods of components, such as the two methods of resistance welding.

Second, I learned how to pull out the wire insulation layer, as well as precautions and direct connection methods for single-strand copper conductors: The connection method for small-section single-strand copper conductors is shown in the figure.X-shaped cross, then twist them 2 to 3 turns, then straighten the two wire ends, then tightly wind each wire end on another core wire for 5 to 6 turns, and then cut off the extra wire ends. Single-strand copper wireThe t-shaped branch connection of the single-stranded copper wire is shown in the figure, and the wire ends of the branch core wires are tightly wound around the main core wires for 5 to 8 turns, and then the excess wire ends can be cut. For smaller cross-sections,For the core wire, you can first wrap the ends of the branch core wires on the trunk core wire, and then tightly wind 5 to 8 turns to cut off the excess wires. Third, you know some principles of automatic control, such asSemi-automatic control device, full-automatic control device. Finally, we also took a semi-automatic control device by ourselves. We also learned a lot of components during these lectures. Understand some circuit principles and methods of installation, commissioning and maintenance through circuit diagrams;ElectrotechnicalTo have a preliminary understanding in terms of professional knowledge; to cultivate and exercise our practical skills, to fully integrate our theoretical knowledge with practice, so that we have not only professional knowledge, but also strong practical ability to analyze problems andHigh-quality talents who solve problems.

Electrical Internship Weekly 3

In practical learning, I learned the basics of power systems and the importance of substation work.

Let me know transformers, high-voltage circuit breakers, disconnectors, fuses, etc .. I learned the operation of transformers, the role of transformers, the use of high-voltage circuit breakers, and the role, classification and model of disconnectors. Under what circumstancesLoad switches are used in conjunction with high-voltage fuses. Short-circuit protection is provided by the fuses. Under what circumstances the high-voltage capacitor bank is put into or out of operation should be determined according to the reactive power flow, load power factor and voltage. Especially some simulation activities make peopleBeing there, I cultivated my courageous, careful and cautious work style. When I knew the operation, I was careful and cautious to avoid dangerous accidents such as electric shock and accidental injuries.

Through practical exercises, I did learn a lot of knowledge, expanded my horizons, and strengthened my ability to operate and practice.

Electrical Internship Weekly 4

I'm very happy this week, because the supervisor has promised me to let me learn another model of the product, and I can finally learn a little bit more. This is really a very happy thing.

One product I came into contact with this week is dt100, a small instrument for measuring temperature. Although the components are very simple, it is very worthwhile to learn. The main chip of this product is: ic7107 dual integral mode /Digital conversion integrated circuit, op07 operational amplifier, etc. The external pt100 temperature measuring resistor can measure the temperature of the water in the dyeing tank in real time. Its work is mainly based on the comparison of some reference voltages, and then displays the value through 7107. IThe work done is to debug the standard temperature measurement. When the resistance of pt100 is 119.4 ohms, the temperature of the meter should be 50 degrees Celsius. When the resistance of pt100 is 138.5 ohms, the temperature of the meter should be100 degrees Celsius.

It is not difficult to adjust this, but its component circuit is very worthwhile for me to learn. It has a certain degree of difficulty. It seems that I should strengthen my knowledge of analog electronics.