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Leaves story composition

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In spring, the gentle breeze blows the green earth, the bright sun shines on the fresh life, the moist spring rain awakens every soul. I, the leaf, can't wait to open my eyes and stretch out the new body,Growing hard, finally, on a warm day, I grew into a green leaf, and swayed gently in the spring wind full of floral fragrance.

Soon after I was born, my brothers and sisters also showed smiles. Just as we enjoyed the good spring time, Dashu mother said: "If there is no selfless dedication of the previous generation of leaves, how can there beYou naughty little leaves! You should cherish the present time and pave a flat and spacious road for the next generation! "

Brothers and sisters nodded in agreement. But in my naive mind, I was full of questions: why do we dedicate ourselves to the next generation, how precious is life! How can we dedicate it to others?

In summer, the sun is shining and the rain is plentiful. My color changed from emerald green to dark green, and there was also a green one around us. We rubbed each other, frolicked, and made a sound of rustling. However, the good times are not long, the stormSuddenly came. The strong wind called, the sullen thunder shouted, the sky became grey, and lightning flashed across the sky. I was terrified, holding on to the branches. Vaguely, I seemed to see a young manIn order to protect the eggs in the nest, the sparrow mother covered the bird's nest regardless of the danger, but was beaten to the ground by the wind, and passed out. At that moment, my heart was hit hard. At that moment, it reappeared in my eyes many times. I gradually feel how stupid my thoughts are, so many leaves go forward, to give us a better tomorrow. From this stormy night, my soul is warmed by this selfless spirit.

Autumn, the sun is warm and quiet, the autumn wind is gentle and gentle. The clear blue sky is wiped very bright by the refreshing autumn wind, like a crystal clear sapphire. After experiencing too much suffering, I no longer fear to leave, but instead wait.This glorious moment has come. There is much more space around and much more loneliness. When the first rays of sunlight in the autumn morning penetrate the clouds and illuminate the ground, I should leave. I just fall quietly and quietlyDown and fell on the soft soil. I just lay quietly and let the wind and rain blow. During the day, I admire the beautiful scenery and play games with passing animals; at night, I smell the fragrance of the soil and make another one.An interesting dream. I also put on a golden coat. It shimmered in the sun; in the night, the moon and stars in the sky turned me into a bright street lamp, lighting the front of the little animalWay. This is a comfortable and happy life.

Winter, howling wind, snowflakes are shining. My tan body is covered by heavy snow and blends with nature. Winter is much quieter, but I am not alone, my former siblings surround me; winterAlthough it was cold, I was full of warmth. Some petite animals were resting and wintering under my care. A strong warmth poured into my atrium. This winter is so meaningful, so kind, soWarmth.

Spring is here again, the spring breeze is blowing again, the spring rain is falling again, and the tree is sprouting again. But I am integrated with the soil and become black, a grain of fertilizer. At this time IIt became clear that the fallen leaves did not disappear, but came to the body of the mother of the tree, and every new leaf was immortal.

Suddenly, a strong suction came on my face and sucked me into the roots. A new and magical journey is about to begin ...