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Grassfish Spirit Composition

Time: 2020-02-03 Recommended visit : composition about grass

I have seen such a report. Qinghai Lake is the largest saltwater lake in China. In fact, a few years ago, Qinghai Lake was once a freshwater lake. Due to changes in the crust and climate, the tributaries flowing into Qinghai Lake are becoming less and less.It is much larger than the inflowing water. Over time, the salt content of the lake is increasing day by day, forming today's saltwater lakes. Various organisms gradually disappear with the change of waters, and only adaptable organisms can survive, including grass carp.

Grass carp is highly adaptable. It is a omnivorous fish, but with the gradual reduction of food, microorganisms and algae alone can not meet a large number of grass carp feeding, more serious is because of changes in waters, grass carp's reproductive developmentIt was seriously affected and became a small fish, and the fish eggs that were discharged could not survive. The grass carp was facing the danger of extinction. The desperate grass carp did not give up. In order to continue their offspring, they wanted to cross the dam and swim to the freshwater area.The tens of meters of the dyke's turbulent water, the fish jumped up and down again and again, washed away by the turbulent water again and again, and looked at the spectacular scene of "jumping dragon gate" in the distance.

Facing such a high dam, the fishes are obviously a waste of money, but they would rather be exhausted in front of the dam than give up the possibility of zero success rate.

After seeing it, I was overwhelmed by the indomitable and persistent spirit released by that small body. Just like grass carp, each of us struggled for our goals in this highly competitive era. In our path of lifeThere are more than one "dam" blocking our way, and do you persist like a grass carp? Maybe you would say that the grass carp has paid the price of life, yes, the grass carp has died, but what it leaves for future generations is a kind of impossibility.The eroded spirit of struggle, the body is only the sustenance of life, and the soul is the true meaning of life. People always say that life is a road, a road to struggle for dreams, the night ’s confusion, the bitterness of tears, and the mud in the rain.Despair and fall over and over again, cheer up and get up again and again. We have learned to overcome, be strong, understand life, and ask for it.

Industrious and intelligent people: Let the uninhibited, we walk through the thorns and the bumps with youthful vigor, and let our path of life glow like the rising sun!