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Excellent composition of Cao's perseverance

Time: 2020-01-30 Recommended visit : composition about grass

My cousin, who was studying in a university abroad, brought me a gift. I thought it was a cute doll or a chic wind chime or something. Who knows, my sister opened the gift box, and it turned out to be a few wrapped in yellow glass bottles.Grass seed!

My elder sister saw me disappointed, and said carefully: "Sister, don't think this is a cheap gift, it makes sense to you! You can take good care of it, and one day it will sprout, you will be veryPride is very happy, because you gave it life! This is the soulless thing of the doll! "

I understand what my sister said, but I'm determined to give it a try.

I took out the taupe grass seeds according to the instructions on the box, put them in a pot of water, soaked them for half an hour, took them out, and placed them on a ventilated, sunny balcony, letting them bathe in raindrops.

For the first few days, I still had the heart to take care of the grass. I watered it in the morning, basked in the sun, and worked as a housekeeper. But after a long time, I saw that there was no grass growing, and I was a little impatient.I do n’t remember watering it, and I do n’t take good care of it. When my mother picked up the clothes, she felt that the naked thing was an eye-obscurity, and threw it in a corner.

In the past few days, our family has traveled again, and no one has asked about the existence of Xiaocao. When I returned home, I thought that Xiaocao had already died on her own, but the sight in front of me surprised me!

In the yellow glass bottle, a few green grasses are pulled out of the roots! Such thin and fragile but so cute grasses, overcoming difficulties, like a spiritual elf, holding hands and leaning against each other's head, Shaky, rejoicing.

Mom was also shocked: "I did n’t water it for a few days, but instead of withering yellow, I took out the grass! It ’s amazing!" Everyone said that the grass has a strong vitality, and it seems that it is well-deserved!

Today I really saw the elf's perseverance! Since then, I will no longer ignore it, and water it regularly every morning, remove the worms, and let it bask in the sun ...

Looking at the lush grass every day in the yellow vial, I laughed and understood: a humble grass, the power in the soul is amazing!