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I would like to be a grass student composition

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The autumn wind flows across the hillside, and the patches of dog tail grass and thatch are swaying with it. Its position is shocking, spectacular and poetic. A cormorant was frightened, it fled panic into the air from the depths of the grass.The still-butterfly butterfly was swallowed up by this row of mountains and grass. I sat on a protruding stone on the hillside and was attracted by the sudden scene in front of me. I saw the dense grass in front of me, and the rows seemed to be charging forwardSoldiers, under the command of the hunting wind, one after another, holding up a sharp sword, shouting, as if besieging and attacking me. I am a little panicked and a little excited, thinking of insignificant grass,Make my heart shake.

These grasses have ubiquitous vitality. They are not restricted by area. No matter they are south or north or desert mountains, they can grow as long as there is a little living space. It is not normal anymore because of this.They will bring life to the desolation, add nutrition to the barren, and pave the way for prosperity. The things in front of me are also spontaneous and self-destructing on the hillside every year, but they do not change their nature every year.The metaphor indicates that life is evergreen; autumn is withered, and the beautiful land is turned into spring mud, which gives people the inspiration of endless life. Although their status is low, they are not as charming and delicate as flowers; although they are weak, they are not as good asTrees are strong and tall. But they are also life. Although they are small, they lie in a silent place. In this world, no plant is more extensive and solid than them. With their background, the flowers look bright and enchanting.Only trees can have weight, naturally they can be colorful, and humans will not fall into monotony and loneliness.

They are fragile. When the wind blows, it rises and falls, it shakes, it seems weak but the wind can't help it. If you cut open a grass, you will see its roots firmly rooted in the ground, and rooted in the ground, staggeredIf it weren't for human factors, it would be wind and rain, sun and moon, and live a season perfectly. So these weak existences set off beautiful flowers; gave some life a groan and sang; and gave butterflies a pleasant appearanceDancing stage ...

The grasses have enriched our world, they are extremely successful, but they are rarely flattering. They are almost regarded by us as weeds, dismissed by us, and even removed because they are annoying. They can be said to beUnarmed and weak and innocent. I have made such a mistake. There is an open space in front of my door with some grass. I suspect it is indecent, so I will eliminate it. After eradication, I will find that the open space is even more messy.It hurts, it seems to lack a vitality. I disappeared the butterflies that once flew among the grass, the fireflies that fluttered at night, and even the insects that lurked on the grass. These living things were completely lost by my actions.Already.

Cao Er is sometimes extremely precious. I have heard a story like this: a border post on a snowy plateau, officers and men stationed here all year round, it is difficult to see green all year round. Once, soldiers trained, a soldierHis leg was lifted, but he didn't want to let it go. The squad leader asked why he didn't let it go. The soldier said, "The grass below is a grass." The soldiers heard the news and surrounded them, taking care of the grass as a baby. The squad leader even returnedOrder someone to protect it. The snowy plateau, vast white, and hard to find, such a green grass, which has caused soldiers to worship, must be said to be a respect for life.

This piece of grass around me is coming from the spring and is about to reach the end of its life. Above their stems is a string of mature ears, maturity means the disappearance is coming. Together with the autumn wind, theThe grass seeds fluttered in the wind and fell to any place, and they will be born again next year. In this grass, I seem to hear the sound of grass seed nirvana. I don't know the sound-the sound of nature, why is it?Is this wonderful?

So, man, man, as long as you forget me and have no fiber dust, it is easy to reach a certain state. I would like to be a grass if I think about it.