Excellent composition of cucumber

Time: 2020-02-03 Recommended visit : Excellent composition

A lot of cucumbers were planted in the courtyard of the family. At first, the small seedlings of cucumber were not as large as palms. After more than ten days, the small seedlings had grown to half a foot tall. After 20 days, the small seedlings were about to climb the shelf.The thin wire is tightly wrapped around the bamboo pole, pulling the climbing vine. I am especially happy because I can eat cucumber soon.

Gradually, cucumbers set up green pagodas with stems and leaves. Soon, the cucumbers bloomed, and the yellow and yellow flowers were like the smiley faces of golden dolls. I felt very fun, so I wanted to touch them.But I stopped me and said, "You can't touch it, but you can't touch it when you touch the flower. Maybe a cucumber is gone." I was frightened and drew my hand back.

After a few more days, thin, curved cucumbers grew on the branches, like little green moons, and like little girls with long faces wearing yellow hats. I found some hatsThere is no gherkin, and I said it was a "lily flower", which was specially designed to sow bees to pollinate the flower of cucumber.

Cucumbers grow up and become thicker, like a slender mallet, hidden under the green leaves. Cucumbers wear a green coat with thorns on the top, and a small black cricket on the top of the thorns.I touched it a little bit, and I was a little bit salivating. I couldn't help but pick one and washed it and ate it. The taste was excellent, crispy and refreshing.

I saw from the medical book that cucumber contains many vitamins needed by the human body. The stems and leaves of cucumber can be used as medicine to lower blood pressure and clear heat. American scientists have recently extracted a substance from the root of cucumber that can killHIV-infected cells do not damage normal cells. In addition, there is a substance called bitterin in the pedicle of cucumber, which has antibacterial, disinfecting and tumor suppressing effects.

Cucumber is a vegetable with high nutritional value. It can not only be eaten raw, but also can be cold-cooked, sliced, marinated, etc., with a delicious taste and unique flavor.