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Excellent Composition of Fantasy City

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I have a city, but I have never seen it.

Until one day, I saw the city in a dream that was not so beautiful.

The name of this city is called Fantasy City.

In that broken dream, I used to be a princess of a small country, with a castle of my own.

In that dream, I want to have everything I own, everything I own comes from my city.

My name is Broken, because I own a broken city.

I've never seen anyone's city, and I don't know how their city is different from mine.

Until that day, a man with brown eyes told me that I was a princess who lived in folklore. I do n’t believe it. I just played my guqin over and over.

He said, my eyes are the color of glaze, a symbol of the royal family.

I laughed and said again and again, I don't believe it.

He left helplessly.

I played my guqin over and over again after he left.

The teardrop then rolled down drop by drop, resonating with the strings again and again.

I've never been a princess, I'm just a little girl who doesn't grow up.

All I have is Fantasy City and my piano.

I can only play high mountains and flowing water.

I play the piano in the small town.

I am looking for my bosom friend.

No one knows, I have a city, its name is Fantasy City.

No one knows, I am also a princess.

No one knows, I will touch the piano.

Everyone has forgotten. In that city, there was once a woman with glazed eyes who would sigh on the moon night. Everyone forgot. She had searched for her soulmate, and they all forgot the woman named Po.