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Hua Zhichun Full Moon Heart Excellent Composition

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The gentleman's friendship is as light as water. Seeking for his image is just a few miles away. Ask Yu Heshi, Gour's rhetoric. Huazhichunmang, Tianxinyueyuan. "Master Hongyi Li Shutong is an important pioneer of China's new cultural movement.He is also known as the Buddha's Dragon Elephant, which shows that his status in humanity and Buddhism is so deep and significant, and this is his slang term. He elaborated the relationship between friends and the way he viewed problems., And through self-questioning and self-answering, he expressed where he went back and where the soul was. What is the true meaning and meaning of Master Michihiroichi?

Then, let ’s take a brief look at the general content of his poem. The first two sentences are “a gentleman ’s friendship is as light as water.” He tells us that a friend ’s friendship can only last if it ’s plain like water. If for any purpose or attempt to beThe ultimate goal or eventuality is to get something or status to associate with, and to cover a hypocritical face with goodwill or surface tenderness, or to put on a gorgeous diamond heart, then, it takes a long timeIt ’s fading when it ’s over, and it ’s fading from another angle at the same time. When we are far away, we think we have lost this friend. And if we just rely on the appearance of things, or the superficial surface, or the words of others,Evaluation and judgment about selling something or someone, then it may cause a misjudgment of "a little difference, a loss of thousands of miles" from the truth. Then if we pursue the essence of a real thing, the truth of a thing,Then we must uncover the appearance of things and see the nature of things, so that we can reach the fairest, most fair and most reasonable opinions or conclusions, and not blindly and purposelessly draw conclusions,If that is the case, it can only make people laugh and generous, and only increase the laughter. Then the fourth sentence is about someone asking where Hongyi will go and where his heart will be placed. He cleverly answered "Huazhichunman, Tianxinyuyuan" for himselfThe life soul is drawn to a satisfactory end. Looking at the essence through the phenomenon, we can understand that at the same time, he told the world that everything is the best, because mountains are mountains, water is water, and flowers will naturally bloom in the spring., The sky will naturally see the full moon when the day is seen.

This is the final summary and summary of Master Hongyi ’s talented life on human nature and Buddhism. He uses profound love to tell us not to be attached to the illusion of things, but to waste time and consume life in indifferent illusions, and do someUnnecessary and meaningless things, but asking for troubles and hurting yourself is not good. At the same time, tell us that in fact many good things, good truths, they are all around us, all around us, just waitingWe are enlightened, waiting for us to do it, and Master Hongyi tells us through the right method, do not seek troubles and harassment yourself. Then, what is Master Hongyi ’s so-called completeness of life, maybe you just have to look at the branches silentlyThe flowering branches are full of spring, and the bright moon on the head is full circle. You will know that it is a kind of "free time in the spring, there are flowers in autumn, moon in summer, cool wind in winter, and snow in winter."A kind of nature, a free and easy relationship, a calm and quiet beyond life ...

The universe is changing, life is changing. Since life is changing, there is no immutability and imperfection, so there is no formula or pattern for anything. From here, naturally it is not here, so it is changing, rich.Either poor or poor, they are all changing. Ethereal singing is not always there. You do n’t need to disturb yourself if you are troubled. Do n’t be too obsessed with it. Do n’t be too obsessed with clinging to things that are meaningless and unnecessary., Then it does n’t make much sense even if you are injured and cry.

People with the heart of the bright moon, they will not have the bright moon in their hearts due to time restrictions or changes due to the seasons, because they know how to feel the treasure from time to time and cherish the treasure. Sorry for the flowing time, brilliantFanghua, it ’s better to cherish the happiness that always exists around you. So there is no need to pursue unnecessary troubles, do n’t play the world, do n’t waste your life. The heart is clear, happy and walk and cherish, happyWith every day, every moment of happiness, live happily in the moment. "Huazhi is full of spring, the heart of the moon is full."

A little understanding, a little understanding, if you don't speak out, please forgive me ...