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350 words of Chinese New Year Excellent Composition

Time: 2020-01-10 Recommended visit : Excellent composition

In the traditional festivals in China, my favorite is lively Chinese New Year .How did the Spring Festival come?

A long time ago, there was a monster called "year". It often bullies people living in the mountains in winter. Some people want to get rid of it, and some people want to drive it away. One year, "year"Here, many people were attacked in their homes. Only a few households had red curtains, and there were no fires on the door with a fire or knocking on the sky. People in the mountains knew that "year" was afraid of three things.. When "year" comes again, people use these three things to drive this big monster away and never dare to hurt people. From generation to generation, it will form a New Year's fun.

I like the Spring Festival, and I go to the flower market every year. The people in the flower market are lively. People in the shop are shouting and selling various things. Some sell colorful, fragrant and charming flowers.Sells delicious popcorn and delicious drinks, as well as a variety of toys.

In recent years, as our country has continued to grow stronger, leaders of various countries have also begun to give speeches or articles to the Chinese people in the country during the Spring Festival, and congratulate the Chinese people in the country. China's Spring Festival has become more and more influential in the world.