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Primary school students' application diary

Time: 2019-07-12 Recommended visit : Application

日记 1: Gulangyu Tour

A beautiful morning, my family went to visit the beautiful Gulangyu Island.

On entering Gulangyu Island, a statue of Zheng Chenggong stood tall. He stared into the distance as if missing his family and defending the beautiful city of Xiamen.

After a few minutes of walking, you came to the sea. Gulangyu is really big and you ca n’t see the head; Gulangyu ’s sea is so deep that even divers ca n’t dive to the bottom; Gulangyu ’s sea is so blue, likePainted. People at sea have a good time, some are swimming, some are speedboats, some are playing water polo. A joyful atmosphere on the beach.

Walk a few meters to the bird's garden. There are so many birds in the bird's garden. There are red-crowned cranes, white geese, woodpeckers, and so on. When I walk in and shoot the birds, they start carnival and some stand.Called on the branches, some fly up, some flutter their wings ... After playing many places on Gulangyu Island, I went home.

The beautiful Gulangyu Island really makes me linger!

Diary 2: Travel in Huangshan

Earlier I heard others praised Huangshan for its reputation of "the five nobles returning to see the mountains, and the yellow mountains returning no to see the mountains." A sudden thought came to my mind—going to Huangshan. After my begging, my mother finally agreed to takeI'll go to Huangshan together.

that is Winter Holiday One day, the sun was shining and the breeze was studying. Our party came to Huangshan, where it was really a "rock paradise"! Look at the "Tengu Watching the Moon", it seems that a tall dog ran from the sky and lookedThe beautiful moon, howling loudly against the sky, seems to have been intoxicated in that beautiful starry sky; look at the "fairy playing the harp", like a beautiful fairy, sitting quietly on a largeOn the stone, holding the lute in his hand, and slowly plucking the strings, it seemed to want to bounce off her sorrow and throw it out of the clouds; occasionally the fairy looked at the beautiful moon in the sky and smiled gently, as ifI have forgotten what I was upset about, and slowly moved my fingers more briskly.

It ’s been a fast day! I always remember the majestic appearance of Huangshan in my heart! I love this beautiful and majestic Huangshan.

Diary 3: Into Huangshan

As the saying goes, "The Five Yues returned without looking at the mountains, and the Huangshan returns without looking at the mountains." Last summer, I had the opportunity to come to Huangshan and watch the magnificent scenery of Huangshan.

I have visited the Changbai Mountain covered by snow and ice, and I have seen the Huangshan Mountain with red leaves like fire, but I have never seen this “unusually strange mountain” Huangshan. Huangshan is really amazing, exquisite and beautiful.The magnificent beauty makes people have to wonder whether it is naturally generated, but a bonsai that can be carefully crafted by craftsmen; Huangshan is really tall. It is rolling, towering into the clouds, looking down from the top, and seeing clouds floating under my feetHuangshan can be really dangerous, with dangerous peaks, strange rocks, steep cliffs, sharp rocks, almost 90-degree vertical stone ladders, and people will be frightened when they look at it.Be careful, you will lose your foot, and you will immediately fall from this steep cliff and fall to pieces.

I've seen cirrus clouds like horsetails and mountain peaks; floating clouds floating in the sky, but I've never seen this flowing human galaxy—the Huangshan Yunhai. The clouds in Huangshan are really white, white.It's like a white forging, it's as if it has just snowed, it's so clean, it's so moist, don't have a look of joy; the clouds of Huangshan are so quiet, you can't feel its drifting; the clouds of HuangshanIt ’s so long. You ca n’t see the margins, it just makes you feel that it ’s so vast. It covers the sky and the earth like a curtain. The clouds in Huangshan are so wonderful.That kind of mistyness gives people ample room for imagination and arouses unparalleled beauty.

Such a beautiful cloud surrounds such a fantastic mountain. Such a fantastic mountain village is set off by such a beautiful cloud, coupled with the colorful clouds in the sky, the lush pine forest at the top of the mountain, and the red leaf-like maple forest in the mountains, The sizzling clear spring below the mountain makes you feel like you have reached the rolling picture scroll. This is really: Rizhao incense burner produces purple smoke, looking at the sea of ​​clouds from the sea, the strange mountains are wrapped in clouds,The beauty of the world belongs to Huangshan.