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Primary Application for Selling Flowers

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"Long live Women's Day!" "Long live Women's Day!" Mom at home is like a "turned serf." Because today is the annual "March 8th" Women's Day!

Early in the morning, my mother sprayed body lotions, perfumes, and other things in front of the makeup mirror. It was as if she was going to participate in a beauty contest. I couldn't help thinking of a word: smelly!Big sister, where are you going today? "I teased my mother." What big sister does not have a little aesthetic ability. Forget it, I don't know anything about you, Miss Ben went shopping! "Mom turned away and went out." WellXia Mingcong must be in a hurry! ”Thinking of the practical assignments arranged by Mr. Shu, I hurried out of the house.

When I came to the street, all eyes were filled with cheerful and flowery women. "Why did you come here?" Xia Mingcong complained, "I bought twenty carnations for a total of ten dollars."Flower, it will definitely sell for a good price! "I stopped him from complaining if he pleased me.

"You are late, 'repay for your sins', let's drink!" Xia Mingcong said. I blushed for a long time before calling out "selling flowers." "Are you a mosquito?" "You are a mosquito! You can,You try it! "We were arguing vigorously, and an aunt asked," Children, do you sell your flowers? "" Yes! You sell! One dollar a dollar. "We both scrambled to answer." YouWhich school is in which grade? How come out to sell flowers? "" We are fifth-grade students in a foreign language school. We are experiencing life! "The two of us said proudly." What a pretty capable person! "Auntie bought seven bunchesThe carnations were gone. "I didn't expect to make money so easy. I sold eight carnations and made 4 yuan in a short while." I said happily. But Xia Mingcong poured cold water: "Don't be too proud, there may be unpredictable circumstances, maybe we are todayI can only sell these eight bunches of flowers. "Xia Mingcong was right. After selling eight bunches of carnations, we walked from the south to the north and east to the west of the city. No matter how" smart words "are, there is really no bunch of flowers.SellGo. "Blame You 'big mouth'!" I stared fiercely Xiaming Cong. "I do not want this ah!" He was very aggrieved look. Think, too, who do not want business is booming ah!

I will never forget-on the "March 8th" Women's Day in 2004, we sold eight bunches of carnations and made the first money in our lives. It's really hard to make money! I don't know Dad How difficult is it for my mother to do business. Instructor: Shu Xiaolian