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Mom, I'm going to tell you about elementary school composition

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"I'm a little bird, I can't fly as high as I can ..." Whenever I heard this song, I was so filled with emotion that I couldn't help thinking of myself. My mother is usually too timidI want you to tell my heart, this time I will tell you by writing.

Do you remember? My grades in math and English were not very good in the last semester of fifth grade. You didn't blame me when you came home, but you told me to study hard by enrolling in a class, and then I knewTo your intentions. It's here Winter Holiday During the period of hard study, hard work. Although running four feet a day is a bit painful, but I have no complaints. Because I know that only by studying hard, I can catch up with my classmates, even if I start school, I am still working hardYou often say that stupid birds fly first, and I will listen to your words and study hard.

But until now I have been in Olympiad and English on Saturday and Sunday. I have no time to rest. In the evening I want to watch TV for a while, but you ca n’t read or read. This sentence broke my heart and kept me going.I want to say to you, "The stupid bird also has a rest." Although I know that I am "a stupid bird", I am also constantly learning. I sincerely ask you to let me have a day of my own, letI fly freely and at ease.

Mom, I know that you have hope for Jackie Chan's eager mood. I will also fly in the direction you gave me, but hope that I will not be a snail in a shell listening to your arrangement for me. LetI have my own day. Mom, I want to play!