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A letter to mom for elementary school application composition

Time: 2019-05-29 Recommended visit : Application

Dear Mom :


Recently, I have been suppressing many thoughts in my heart, and I want to talk to you, but I am afraid to see your harsh eyes. Let me talk to you in the letter today.

You always keep "honoring your parents" in your mouth. Actually, I don't understand this principle, and I also know that you are very hard. But I think that the way you teach me on this topic is not right. You have started since you were young.Teach me how to wash dishes, and watch your pleasurable moves, and I admire you secretly in my heart. Then I started to wash dishes. After washing for a while, my hands were blistered by greasy water. I show you, youHe said, "What's the big deal. Mother had a hard day, and there were so many blisters on her hand!" You paused and said, "You do n’t even want to help your mother with this housework, and I ’m counting on that.What did you do? "After I heard it, I felt aggrieved. Did n’t you let me tell you everything? Now my hands have blisters. You not only do not encourage me, but you also misunderstand me. II just want you to see my "fruits of labor", but you think I am not filial. Every time you grow something, you do n’t have to give it to me Dad Have you looked at it again? Since then, I do n’t want to wash the dishes again, because after I finish washing, I wo n’t get your compliment, but your misunderstanding. What ’s the point of washing such a bowl? You know, my lordThe encouragement is our engine of doing things.

Since the beginning of this semester, I have accepted a new task-washing dishes. Every time I am a bit unwilling, you give me a very angry look and say angrily: "So filial, you know that I andHow tired is your dad all day? "I was so angry that I shouted at you," I just don't go! "You must have thought that I had a bad temper at the time, in fact I wanted to say to you:"Why don't you stand on my side and think about it for me? I'm tired all day!" It's just that I have been speechless by the tears of aggrieved. That day I have been from noonCry until the afternoon, and you did n’t ask me to have lunch. I do n’t understand, you can wash the dishes while watching TV, you can not take the meal, why do I do this, then do it, and finish the meal every day,I ’m going to get you a toothpick. Is this filial piety? I used to ask you to take something for me, and you said, "Everyone is equal, why should I take it for you." I once asked you to come over, But you are still sitting in front of the TV, do not want to move, then I waitedFifteen minutes, at last I rushed in front of you and said aloud, "I want to dictate, can you read it?" You angrily said, "Why are you so rude to adults, if you say things clearly, you don't have toNow! ", Why don't you want to think that you usually talk without a head?

Mom, maybe you will get angry when you read this letter, but I still want to say to you: "Mom, please don't direct me to do this and do that under the banner of filial piety, okay? If you need me to do somethingPlease explain the reason to me first, okay?


Good health!


June 3, 20XX