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Mom please understand my elementary school composition

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One day, I was holding an extracurricular book watching with interest.

Suddenly, my mother asked me aloud: "Honghong, what kind of book are you reading? Is it Chinese" Every lesson practice "or" Synchronous practice "?" After she came over, she suddenly came to discover the New WorldShe yelled like this: "How are you reading this kind of book? Hurry to make this kind of book disappear, otherwise I will let it be broken into pieces!" I know my mother's temper, she dares to act. But I stillAsk my mother to say: "Mom, this is not a general book, it is" Childhood "written by Gorky. Besides, I borrowed this book from my classmates, but you can't mess up."The exam is about to take place. You do n’t look at the synchronous practice and practice every lesson, but you read this kind of book. You are too disappointing for me. ”After that, I came to grab my book again. I quickly picked it upstairsI ran and did n’t worry about coming downstairs until I had my book hidden, to receive my mother ’s education ...

Mum, I really want to say to you: Please understand me. Review is really important, but extracurricular books are also important! Teachers often ask us to read some extracurricular books to broaden our horizons and supplement the knowledge that we cannot learn in class.I want to see what kind of synchronous practice to do at the end of the day. I ’m not small anymore, plus my usual grades are also good, I have my own size, please give me a little space!