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600 words for primary school application

Time: 2019-05-24 Recommended visit : Application

Today, it's a nice sunny day, Dad Take me and my sister to Jiujiang Park to play.

I got on the bus and came to the bridge, where flowers and trees were planted and clusters of green leaves set off a variety of flowers and came to the bridge. The bridge was lying on the river like a long dragon. Many cars were on the river.Fast driving on the bridge.

When you come to the park, the park is picturesque and intoxicating. In the spacious fountain, blue waves, beautiful small stone bridges lead directly to the small pavilions in the lake, and sometimes there are people playing chess in the small pavilions.

When I came to the lake, my father rented an electric boat for us. Our boat floated on the lake like wood. I put my hand in the water and the whole body felt refreshing. My sister also playfully splashed water.I took the rudder in my hand, and the boat was like a pony in my hand, jumping briskly from the glittering waves and flying for the first time. Suddenly a sudden brake turned out to be entangled by the fishnet.Stayed, my father hurriedly changed the forward gear to the reverse gear, and then swayed the boat slightly left and right. After a while, the boat finally escaped from the net. Our charter time is up.

We continued to play and came to the trampoline. There were many children jumping and jumping excitedly and lively like a little monkey. I was attracted and immediately climbed up with my sister to play with them. We were atIt jumped up and down like a happy little white rabbit. I made a lot of new friends in it. We drilled together in a house like the palace, and we also rode tigers, elephants, horses, and played.Seesaw. We've played through the contents.

Time flies so fast, it's afternoon in the blink of an eye, and we reluctantly go home.