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My favorite book for elementary school application composition

Time: 2019-05-22 Recommended visit : Application

A book allows you to get a strong shock from the quality, will, and endurance shown by the author, and the dusty soul is washed. Do you want to know what kind of book this is?

It's the rotation "If You Give Me Three Days of Light" by blind and deaf female writer and educator Helen Keller. She shocked the world with her bravery and created a miracle, all of which depended onAn indomitable heart.

Why is a book so contagious? The author of this book once asked such a question: "If you have eyes that will be blind tomorrow, what do you see today? This makes me feel like us healthy people,Don't hesitate, don't waste your years, you should cherish the good times and the happy life.

How should one treat life and what is the value of life? Whether a person can achieve success depends not on good or bad conditions, but on the spirit of struggle. As long as a person has great ideals and goals, there will be endlessness.Will not be bound by conditions, but will create conditions and dominate yourself. Isn't this the author of this book!

Reading a good book is a conversation with a great soul. Mrs. Roosevelt once commented on this book "Once the human spirit is known, we will never forget it. In her life and joy of life, Miss Helen KellerTake a lesson that will never be forgotten for those of us who don't have so many difficulties to overcome-we all hope that this book will have more and more readers. Let her spirit be broadcast in more and more scope."