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The Mouse Drifting Continues to Write Primary School Practical Writing

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Title : One night, two mice looked at the sleeping host, Beibei, two shoes by the bed, and accidentally fell off the ground when they took off their clothes.

One night, two mice looked at the sleeping host, Beibei, two shoes by the bed, and accidentally fell off the ground when they undressed the two hundred dollars, and they couldn't help but burst into joy.

These two mice are a pair of brothers. The younger brother's little black fur is like ink, but the older brother's white is as white as white snow. The two brothers have a common desire-to travel, the place they dream of going to-the United States.

So my brother looked at this pair of shoes and the US $ 100. Don't worry how happy they are. They hurriedly left a note to their parents :

dear Dad Hello Mom :

Please forgive us without saying goodbye, we are going to travel, please do n’t worry, we are all grown up.

Love your little black and white

Xiao Hei and Xiao Bai packed up their luggage, pulled on those shoes, folded down two long branches, and came to the beach to begin their long journey.

Xiao Hei and Xiao Bai who just embarked on the journey are full of joy, dreaming about their future, and they are so beautiful, they lie lazily in their shoes, just like lying in a cradle. They are very comfortable and basking in the morning sun.Xiaoyou asked, "Brother, when will we reach the other side of the sea? What does the other side of the sea look like? Are there our compatriots there? Are there any natural enemies-cats?"The question made his one-year-old little white dumb speechless, so he had to say, "It's better to go to the front of the mountain than the road, let's take care of it!"

In this way, most of the time has passed. At this time, Xiao Hei weeping and cried. He said, "Brother, I'm so scared, I'm hungry, I want to find my mother, ..." Xiao Bai patted his brotherTook a peanut rice from the "warehouse" and said, "Brother, eat it fast, don't starve." Then, he also took a peanut rice into his mouth. University rankings

The evening is approaching, just in time for the ebb, the huge waves on the sea are tossing, and the big waves are rushing towards their brothers one after another. Xiaobai ’s “boat” was overturned by the giant waves. Fortunately, Xiaobai was able to swim and was spared.When he was killed, he pushed up the shoe that was filled with water and shouted, "Brother, quickly row the boat forward, an adventurer, you must have courage!" This voice persevered Changhong, and Xiao He gathered up the courage.Go forward bravely, after all, "go against the water, if you don't advance, you will retreat."

The two brothers are exhausted after some twists and turns, and the sky is gradually darkening. The two brothers lie in their little shoes and bury their heads to sleep. Maybe they are too tired, they sleep very well, but the "boat" followedThe waves drifted farther and farther into a dark canyon. In the thick fog, a thunder sounded, and the sound rang through the canyon. The brothers were frightened by the sudden sound. A terrible thing is about to happen.occur……

The brothers are groping for a way out in the dark, but they don't know that this is the home of the black wizard. At this time, the two brothers realized that they had gone astray, but it was too late, because the black wizard has a cruel personality and it ’s confusing.The frightened wizard saw the black wizard holding a magic wand in his hand and threw it fiercely into the water. A blue beam shot dimly, the water was surging, and a gust of wind was blowing. The black and white ships hit the reef and sank.At the bottom of the sea, Xiao Hei is still young and unaccustomed to water, and he has been pulsing in the water for a while. When Xiao Bai sees his brother in trouble, he swims towards his brother regardless of his body. How can the black wizard give up and take a break, he points to heaven.A huge piece of stone fell from the sky, and the water splash was three meters high. At this moment, Xiao Hei and Xiao Bai's eyes were confused, Xiao Hei's body gradually sink, Xiao Bai was annoyed, and shouted, "Excuse me, are you that way, can you let us go? "At this moment, a smirk came from the darkness:" Joke, my place is where you can go in and out at will. Today, I will let you go without return.,burialHere, ha ha ha ...... "

When Xiaobai lifted up Xiaohei, the monster was hitting again. The water surface was so cheap that he was turned upside down by the black wizard. Xiaobai was a bit powerless due to excessive fatigue. Edited by lw.nSeAc.comrelease

It is also a coincidence that the sky is gradually bright, the sun is shining in the microwave on the sea surface, the monster feels the eyes like needles, drills into the sea floor, and sneaks away, Xiao Hei and Xiao Bai finally survived, XiaoHeibu couldn't help expressing his emotions: "It's a life of nine deaths!" "Don't be too happy, now we don't have a ship, what should we do?" Optimistic Xiaobai was also worried at this time.

Just when they were helpless, an abandoned bamboo raft floated towards them ...

It ’s really sending charcoal in the snow. The two brothers boarded a bamboo raft and paddled across the shore. Finally, they landed on a vocal beach. The two brothers rushed forward in excitement. They lay in a corner, bathed in sunlight, and nourished.

This is an unknown world. People run, chase and play on the beach. Two mice spit by the scent of barbecue on the beach. They drilled under the barbecue and smelled the scent.I hope that "Heaven" can drop a bunch of roast beef, no, one piece is fine, even a small piece, because they are really hungry.

"Well, it's really bad!" Said a playboy holding roast beef. This playboy was so generous that he sprinkled five skewers of beef. Xiao Hei and Xiao Bai finally realized their dreams. They were full.After a meal, I set off again.

They were walking on the street, listening to people babbling and talking about some languages ​​they could n’t understand, watching the streets with colorful objects and busy streets, and they were excited, so they spent another night.

In the early morning of the next day, Xiao Hei discovered the same kind and awakened Xiao Bai. When he first met the same kind, they not only had the feeling of knowing each other a thousand miles, they chased the mouse in front of them, "Hello" Xiao Bai kindly offeredHe greeted him, did not expect that the mouse was an hour's partner—Maomao? They talked about each other, after all, they met in a foreign country, everyone was very excited. At this time, Maomao talked about his "journey": "LittleBai, do you remember the last time I told you that I was going to the beach with my parents? "Xiao Bai nodded." It was the time when I was separated from my parents by the crowd due to the crowd at the beach. Later I squeezed.I boarded a passenger ship in the crowd and came here without knowing it, and because I did n’t have any money ... ”Before Mao Mao had said anything, Xiaobai snatched the words,“ I have money here ”, sayingXiaobai took out the $ 100 bill and said, "Let's go to dinner, but my brother and I are not familiar with each other. I don't know where the restaurant is, Maomao, do you know?" "Of course I know, I'm inIt ’s been half a year here, IDo not you know? So, they came to an alley, where there is a "mouse hotel", the white dots $ 5 meals, three people eating a chubby belly ......

In the evening, Xiao Bai and Xiao Hei came to Mao Mao's house-it was just a house built with some leaves, so the three of them lived together.

Days passed, they almost visited the whole country, and the 100 yuan was almost spent, but Xiao Hei and Xiao Bai did not feel happy, but felt that there were many unspeakable things in other countries, they had suffered a lot ...… At this point, they want to return to their "parents".

One day, the three of them came into the forest. At this time, Xiaobai and Xiaohei saw a senior mouse over half a year old resting against a tree, and also panting heavily, Xiaobai andXiao Hei hurried over to help him, and saw that the rat was pale, and said weakly: "Water ... water ..." Mao Mao heard and hurriedly took out a small bottle of water around his waist. The "old"Senior" grunted and drank all the water. At this moment, the mouse pulled away the messy hair on the body and was stunned. Isn't this grandpa? Mao Mao ran over to lift it up and called kindly:"Grandpa." The "old man" looked at Mao Mao carefully, and suddenly the old tears burst into tears. He grabbed Mao Mao and burst into tears: "Mao Mao, my good grandson."Touched by the deep affection.

At this moment, the sky is gradually getting darker. Three little mice help the grandfather to walk towards the little puppet. The grandfather said to the little white brothers, "You are not staying at home, what are you doing here?" XiaoheiHe explained to the grandpa what he meant. The grandpa listened to what they said, and sighed and said, "Children, you can go back. You won't be able to live here. Grandpa has suffered a lot here."Then, Xiaobai looked at Xiaohei, and finally decided to go back, but the little raft that he took last time is long gone. What should I do this time? At this time, Mao Mao came out and said to them, "This you guysRest assured, because you can take a ferry back home when the crowd is crowded. "

This is a good idea. On a sunny morning, Xiao Baidai and Xiao Hei came to the ferry. At this time, a passenger ferry whistleed to the shore. In the voice of the people, Xiao Bai and Xiao HeiThey slipped on the boat, shuttled through the crowd, and finally found a corner. They hid there, and the boat gradually started. After a day's journey, they finally returned to their homeland. They finally found their home in the dark.Lu, at this moment, Mom and Dad were at the door of the house, and Xiao Hei shouted, "Mom, we are back." Mom heard the voice, rushed to the past, holding Xiao He with one hand, holding Xiao Bai with one hand, and told them,My dear baby, you are back. You are going to die of your father and mother. Oh, they have lost a lot of weight, but they have grown a lot."it feel so good to be home!"