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Dad, Mom, I want to tell you

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dear Dad , Mom :


At this moment, I am writing a letter to you, my dearest parents, with a grateful heart.

Dad, mom, I would like to thank you first! In order to thank you for your upbringing, I also want to say a word, you have worked hard to thank you for working hard for me.

Dad, mom, you see me as a pearl, hold me in your hands, do not dare to hold it too hard, afraid of crushing; do not dare to hold it too loose, and you are afraid of falling on the ground. In this way, I am in yoursGrow healthy and happily under your care.

Daddy, I want to say thank you! Because when I am frustrated, you always encourage me and tell me: "Failure is the mother of success, don't be discouraged, continue to work and one day will succeed." This sentenceEncourage me and give me the courage to overcome difficulties.

Mom, again, I want to say thank you too! Because it is you that gave me the most meticulous love-comfort me when I'm sad; chat with me when I'm bored ...

Dad, I want to say to you I understand! I understand that you usually educate me and criticize me, so that I can become successful, as if the gardener can only water the flowers constantly, and the seeds can grow slowlyLarge and delicate flowers.

Mom, I also want to say to you I understand! I know the reason you teach me to be human, not for anything else, just want to make me a good person, just like a red candle, just want to illuminate others, that's allSimplicity.

Dad, I want to say sorry to you! Because I am usually stubborn, disobedient, and playful, it makes you worry a lot. However, I will change it.

Mom, I really want to say sorry to you too! Because I sometimes misunderstand you, but now I'm not that ignorant child, and I will compare my heart with your heart and consider you.

Dad, I want to say to you, rest assured! I won't live up to your expectations of me, I will try to get more first, keep rushing forward, forever.

Mom, I just want to say to you, rest assured! Because I will face all difficulties and setbacks bravely. Keep stepping forward until the invisible end point.

Dad, mom, although I wo n’t always be number one, but I know that I am your only one. Although you are ordinary, your love is unique and cannot be given to me by others. Although I sometimes do notUnderstand you, but I will try to control.

Dad, mom, it ’s your love that makes my life suddenly add color, it ’s your love that makes me experience selfless motherly and fatherly love, it is your encouragement that makes me more confident, and it is your brilliant smile that makes meLife is always full of sunshine.

Father and mother, it is your love that lights up the lamp of my life, it is your love that calms the dust of my soul, it is your love that has made me discover so much beauty in the world, and it is your education that has made meUnderstand the importance of patience.

Father and mother, you once hoped to create a sky that is always sunny for me, and once I hope that I can stay away from ugliness, but as I grow up day by day, let you gradually understand that I belong to myself and have my own thoughts, Your own freedom. Although you have infinite concerns in your hearts, you cannot always protect me from the wind and rain, and I must face the realities of life alone.

Father and mother, my love for you will never change!

I wish my father and mother good health, good work and good luck!

Daughter Fang Xinyu

March 28, 2019

Six 4 Class Room Xinyu of Dengzhou Siyuan Experimental School

Tutor Jia Shouyan