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Elementary school discussion paper: parents' request

Time: 2019-11-18 Recommended visit : Discussion paper

In today's society, it's nothing more than a life-and-death competition. Compared with the children in the past, the current children are all called "prodigies". Are the children's brains evolved? Or is the parent's "promoting the seedlings" to make the children "To a higher level "?

Society is becoming more and more advanced and advanced. Parents have higher and higher demands on their children. Learning has often become more than just learning. Obtaining prestigious schools, cup competitions, and studying abroad have become the dream of a new generation of parents and their children.aims.

I am also one of these children, but I am slightly better than some other children. However, the choice of parents is not completely wrong, it is all out of love for us.

For example, my mother asked me to learn piano because I wanted to fulfill her dream of learning piano before. Yes, their environment was far behind us at that time, they all hoped that their children can compare with them.Excellent, stand out, and find a sky that belongs to you. However, even parents are very good, and they have a high status in the society. Then they will never let their children be lower than ordinary children. Find cram school, day to nightAsk the teacher to come to the house to give private tutoring to the children. Learning is not only limited to textbooks, they have to let the children test the cup, win the grand prize, and let the child be better than others when they are young. I know a lot about the Olympic GamesGenerally it is the first round, the preliminary round, the semifinals, the finals, the national finals. Such a complicated process, even if it is capable, will not be able to withstand the test. The English cup is also everything, although the topics are rare for foreign countries.People are the same, but there are always children who get the credit.

However, not all children have such a talent and can stand the test of their parents. Not only do they eventually fail to achieve results, they are left behind by the community, and they cannot recall the happy childhood in the past.

We know that parents are for us, but perhaps a different life is waiting for us. When we can't be as good as other children, do we think of our specialty, our excellence. It's not "pulling seedlings to help".