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Primary dissertation for primary school students: I am a little scientist

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Today is Saturday and Sunday. I finished my homework early and helped my mother clean the kitchen. After I washed the dishes, I found that the water in the pool was not going. I asked my mother what to do? My mother went to a neighbor ’s house to borrow a tool, There is a bowl made of rubber under the wooden handle, and then press firmly on the sink, and then pull it up, so that the water will flow for three or four times.

In the afternoon, I helped my mother to wash vegetables. The water was like playing games with me, and it could n’t flow anymore. I think I ’m sorry to borrow from my neighbors. I ’ll think of it myself. So I use an empty basin to pourCome over and hold the downspout and pick it up again. It didn't think it worked, it just wet my clothes with splashes.

After a while, the water wo n’t go down anymore, what can I do? While thinking, I use my fingers to rotate at the sink, and when I get angry, I turn around hard, but I do n’t think that a miracle happened, the water in the sinkGoing slowly, is the water going to be related to the rotation of my fingers? I have tried several times, really, as long as my fingers are rotated three or four times 360 degrees at the sink, there will be vortices there, and the water willAs it goes down. The vortex is getting more and more urgent, the scope is getting larger and larger, and the water is flowing more and more quickly, and it dries up after a while. I told the mother about this finding, and the mother did n’t believe it, I gave her a tryShe would not believe it. Mom asked: What's going on? I can't say.

For several days, I was fascinated and observed whenever I was free. But God just opposes me, I think the sink is blocked, it just wo n’t stop. On a weekend, my cousin comes. She likes everythingBreak the casserole-璺 ask to the end. I asked my cousin for help, and the two of us went online to find out. It turned out that when the fingers were rotating, vortices were formed under the sink, and the inertia made the vortex more and more.Objects collide, the collision makes the residue in the downspout separate; at the same time, the water in the vortex is caused by the inertia of the force to make the water quickly flow down, so that the water flows down. I told this method to my grandma and my neighbors, theyAfter using it, it worked, and praised me, how beautiful and beautiful I am.

Since then, I have a strong interest in many phenomena in life. I am willing to explore and persevere when I encounter problems. I have become a well-known little scientist near and far.