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Primary dissertation for primary school students: if you can live again

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I look up at the starry sky and quietly imagine: there is a shooting star that leads me through the unknowable darkness of life.

Life is the happiness and health that everyone has. However, to those who have passed away, there are millions of blessings in the world, to give them warmth through the bright moonlight tonight. For a healthy life, Any excess is a burden.

If we can live again, those revolutionary martyrs will be able to reunite with their loved ones who are far away from their hometown: If they can live again, I really hope that those who lost their lives due to the earthquake can live and continue to live a good life, Happy life; if we can live again, these people who died of illness can see the light again.

If I can live again, I will let myself relax and care about my life and future life. Can I be happy and happy?

I will use flower petals for divination. Maybe this is just superstition, but I will use flowers to understand my heart. I will also smirk at the sunset, imagine my future life, cheer at the rainbow, and clarify my colorful childhood.

If I could live again, I would enjoy the present life, cherish the present life instead of worrying about the future?

I used to bring all my belongings with me every time I went out: skirts, clothes, books, compass, thermometer, umbrella, laptop ... But now I'm different, if I can live again, I want to be freeWalk, throw away all the items in the travel suitcase, and stroll in the luxurious pedestrian street.


Yes! I ca n’t get the beauty of the flowers when I pick the petals; I ca n’t enjoy the hard work and beauty when I am busy studying; if life can come again, I will choose a slower pace.

Life is an unexpected short-lived, often some people do not cherish the hard-won precious life!

Life is like a flower, but I know that only by working hard can we let every life that walks in front of me see my beauty and let everyone who stops in my life breathe deeplyBreath.

Life! Like a shining star that lights up the light in my heart; Life! Like a clear river with all my tears in it; Life! Like a beautiful purple diamond flower that contains my love forThe pursuit of life.

If you can live again, let us work hard: use our own life to bloom the beauty and color!