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Elementary school discussion paper: plant instinct

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In a mixed forest, there are a variety of trees and many famous and nameless exotic flowers and grasses. They all have different instincts, different habits, and different defenses against the enemy.Trick. Therefore, many interesting stories continue to occur in the woods.

You see, just when you think the wind has stopped and the tree is no longer shaking, there is a grass still moving, its leaves are constantly circled, like a young dancer, regardless of the dayAt night, no matter whether it is windy or not, it is always tirelessly dancing the rumba dance. Its beautiful dance often attracts waves of applause and applause. The trees and flowers and plants said in unison: This dancing grass is really well-deserved.

A Ailanthus tree just settled here shortly, is strange to everything here. It listened to everyone's applause and knew that this grass would have such a beautiful name, and I was very envious of it, it was originally its own nameThere is a stinky word in inferiority, and now I feel that I feel aggrieved too much, I ca n’t lift my head, and my determination to change my name and surname is more firm.

While Ailanthus lowered his head to meditate on his own thoughts, he suddenly heard a wailing and looked up. It turned out that a fat bug rolled down from a grass, and it just rolled and struggled and howled for a while, then stopped.Breathe. Looking at all this, Ailanthus can't help but be surprised.

Scorpion grass, you are awesome! The horrified Ailanthus sees a small grass with its thumbs up and praises the grass that has rolled down the fat insects.

Thank you, you avenged us! A small tree stretched out its long and thin branches, exposing leaves that were bitten by insects and said, see it bit me.

Really, scorpion grass, what kind of tricks do you use to deal with it? Say everyone learns and learns, and they are not afraid of insect bites. Another grass with beautiful white flowers said.

I want to teach you, but you ca n’t learn this way. Wow. Scorpion said with apology.