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third grade primary school dissertation: memory and reality

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This year is the 30th year of reform and opening up. Since the reform and opening up in 1978, China has made great achievements that have attracted worldwide attention. What are the achievements in the end? I conducted an interview.

First, I interviewed my parents. I asked Dad What has changed in our motherland over the past 30 years of reform and opening up? My father grinned from one of his middle schools Graduation I took out a stack of tickets in my classmate's record. I was puzzled and asked: "Dad, what is this?" "Oh, this is a shopping ticket. At the time in the 1960s and 1970s, you could buy things with a shopping ticketSometimes I ca n’t buy anything even with money! ”I was curious,“ What tickets are there? ”My father showed me one by one:“ This is a food stamp, this is a gas ticket, and a meat ticket, Fish tickets, egg tickets, soy products tickets, sugar tickets, cloth tickets, cotton tickets, soap tickets, coal tickets ... so many people can't tell. "I secretly think that shopping is now much more convenient, and you can have money.Buy, online shopping has become popular in recent years, you can buy things at home, really convenient!

I went to ask grandma again. Grandma said, "At that time. There were production teams, labor points, and eating at that time was a problem."

I glanced at our dear hometown—Zhenjiang, ah, the beautiful Zhenjiang, the prosperous Zhenjiang! There was only one road in Zhenjiang, Zhongshan Road, but now there are Nanxu Avenue, Daxi Road, Huangshan South Road,Huangshan North Road and other broad roads, 26 large and small mountains, the whole city is surrounded by green mountains and green waters, how beautiful!

I think, after many years, our life will be better and better, and the city will be more beautiful!

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