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4th grade elementary dissertation

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I believe _ fourth grade primary school议论文 Part 1

In this world, what do you believe? The naive brother believes that there are Santa Claus in the world, the mother who worships Buddha, and the Buddha will always protect us, cheerful Dad I believe the world will become better, so what do you believe?

I believe that there are many things. I used to have the same naive thoughts as my brother. I also believed in the bodhisattva that my mother said, and I did not deny that "Tomorrow will be better"-the motto of my father.Does n’t mean it ’s forever, not to mention that it ca n’t be changed!

I believe in many things, but I want to change my "believe", I want to make it better, more real, and more worthy of everyone to believe!

Light_The fourth grade primary school essay 2

The lamp is an angel who lights up hope in the hearts of those who return at night. This angel tries his best to spread the light on the glowing ring.

Everyone on the street called her a "street light". She used the light from her halo to shelter everyone who came home late, so that they would not be afraid or lonely in the dark because she would accompany them silently.This is her silent tenderness.

An angel on the seashore, everyone calls him a "lighthouse". He is not afraid of adversity hit by wind and rain, but also radiates the light from the halo in all directions, to the farthest and farthest.To the shore.

Whenever the night comes, the angels will silently pray for us in the corner, so we must also learn their spirit of self-denial and service.

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