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Say 400 words of Honest Elementary School Discussion Paper

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Everyone wants to get the trust of others. However, what is the way to get trust? It is honesty. Ancient and modern Chinese and foreign, people who pay attention to integrity will get the trust and respect of others.

During the Chu-Han rivalry, Ji Bu's basic stand was on the side of Xiang Yu. He repeatedly helped the dark and helped Xiang Yu victory and trapped Liu Bang in a difficult situation. Therefore, after Liu Bang finally captured the world and defeated Chu Bawang Xiang Yu,Han King Liu Bang had wanted to kill Ji Bu. With Xia Houying's strong persuasion, Liu Bang realized that he should not be narrow-minded, and must use Ji Bu's talents to do his best for the Han Dynasty.He said, "It's better to have two thousand gold than Jibu one promise." Later it was compressed into "one hundred thousand gold", and the idiom has since spread.

The story of the first president of the United States in Washington watching the cherry tree also shows how important integrity is! One day, he got a small axe and decided to give it a try and accidentally fell down his father's small cherry tree. Father returnedWhen he got home, when he saw the cherry tree fell to the ground and was very angry, he asked who cut the cherry tree. Washington thought to himself, "Well! What can we do?" He hesitated, or said to his father honestly:" Dad , I'm sorry, I cut the cherry tree. "Dad was very pleased to hear that, not only did he not hit him, but praised him for being an honest child. It can be seen that only by facing his own mistakes can he be liked and respected by others.

Classmates, honesty is like flowers, honesty can win the trust of others, and let each of our classmates be honest people!