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Excellent commentary for elementary school students

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This article opened the door and led to the main content of this article. The little writer pays close attention to the hot issues of modern society, is good at thinking, closely integrates with the reality of life, and proposes environmental protection initiatives to us. The idea is simple, intriguing, and intriguing.

articles Dissertation Describes that people must constantly pursue new goals and constantly understand the new world, so they must send out again and again and rush to the next destination in their hearts. This article uses parables to make feelings stronger and the language richersense of rhythm.

This short argument is profound in theory, diverse in technique, wonderful sentences are repeated, and the structure is very rigorous. The angle of argument is also critical. May wish to learn: the second paragraph discusses from the perspective that everyone needs to hone courage, and the third paragraph discusses in classAs an example to demonstrate, the four paragraphs are discussed from the perspective of the challenge at the beginning of everything, the five paragraphs are both theoretical and example, and the six paragraphs are discussed from the perspective of not regret.

The author of this article uses "abandonment" as the topic. By citing the examples of "Alexandria", "little boy" and "waiter", we are told to know how to abandon something at the right time. At the end of the article, "Success is often implied inChoose between. "In short, it is concise and rich in meaning, intriguing.

The famous quote at the beginning of the article is unique and novel, which has a preemptive effect. Then it is written from the aspects that reading can enjoy the endless fun of the world and reading is a belief. The conclusion concludes the full text. The article is clear, the language is smooth, and it is well-known.This is a great work.

This article opened on the topic of "Trust Cooperation" and showed the author's point of view. Then, the author chose classic cases such as Napoleon, Shakyamuni, F4, and the Brazilian team to demonstrate his point of view.Diversified, the argumentation language is well-founded and powerful. At the end of the article, the question is re-pointed, which shows the author's point of view again.

The author of this article takes “Quietness” as the topic and starts with a set of parallels. Not only does it write about the beauty of peace, but also the purification of human soul by peace. The author chooses “Quality of Nature” and “Prosperity”And serenity in the war "expresses the author's unique understanding and love of tranquility.

This article is a dissertation, the opening point of the discussion, the whole article is about the "diligence", and wrote his own painful experience from the perspective of children, we can see that the little writer is a person who can sum up life from daily little thingsMakes sense.

This is a very good argumentative paper. The article opens up and puts forward the point: life is precious, we should love life, the level of argument is clear and clear, Mike's argument is convincing, the language is smooth, and the structure is complete.

This argument is based on reasoning, dialectical perspective, flexible language, and full of free and flexible colors. At the beginning of the article, there is a view: Believe that you do not mean stubbornness; listening to opinions does not mean that you follow the steps. Then explain why we want to listenThe opinions of others. The language of the article is concise and the key points are prominent; proper quotations make the center more prominent; the question at the end of the article is thought-provoking.

At the beginning, I pointed out the important role of core values ​​in history, and it is very important. Next, the author said history and said that now, this is a face-to-face explanation; and writing about the return of Hong Kong is a breakthrough.Come, point and surface combination, it is easier to clarify the reason.

The inscription "Today is cheering for honesty, but the demon mist is back again", revealing the creative intention of this article-lashing out against the lack of honesty in reality and calling for honesty. The full text is written in classical Chinese, which shows both the simple and elegant style., And highlights the ills of the time of the needle.

This article is capable, full of strength, and very good. The article is full of tension, and the words are firmly stated. "As long as life is endless, I will continue to the end. I did not come to this world for failure, in my blood.In the haze, there is no failing blood flowing. "The author firmly believes that he can pierce through the stone," build a house of success one brick by one brick. "Because he will not" be satisfied with yesterday's success, but only continue to the end! "3rd grade students can have such writing skills and can have such deep thoughts, very good!

This essay is wonderful because it has a novel perspective. "We may never catch up with the people we admire and admire, but we can continue to surpass ourselves and be the best of ourselves." Rich references were cited during the argument.Case.

This is an essay praising water. The language is profound, connotative, and the article is philosophical. It is a masterpiece. "However, there is a persistent heart hidden under the mild appearance of water." A sentence inherited from the past and made the article rigorous..

This is a dissertation. At the end, the author clarified his point "Let us grasp the time to create a better tomorrow." The middle part uses the argumentation method of metaphorical argumentation and quotation argumentation to discuss the reasoning of language.According to the reader, telling readers that life is short and we must cherish time.

The author of this article used metaphors and parallel rhetoric to vividly write the importance of self-confidence, which is "the secret of success", "strength", "the principle of being a person", etc. At the same time, he quoted Yue Wang Gou JianThe example highlights the magic of self-confidence. At the end of the article, he said "I'm confident, I can do it!"

The author tells the story that he worked hard to practice the bicycle, and finally mastered the story, expressing the view that only by overcoming difficulties can he succeed. The language of the article is full of flavor and good. However, the author's description of overcoming difficulties and trying to practice car skills is tooLess, some thin, can be increased appropriately.

This is a typical argumentative article. This article mainly discusses the point that opening books are beneficial, reading is beneficial, and is well-founded and accurate. The author of this article can use the most convincing arguments to explain in detail, so that there is enoughPersuasive.