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Does watching TV affect learning? Elementary student's argument

Time: 2019-09-10 Recommended visit : Dissertation

There are many parents who do not allow their children to watch TV. They think that watching TV will delay their children's learning and affect their academic performance. Is this really the case? I can't see it.

Parents do n’t let our elementary school students watch TV, which often has the opposite effect on us. Some good TVs want to watch but dare not watch, and do not watch and want to watch. In this way, the spirit will not be concentrated when studying.

Parents deprive us of the right to watch TV, which is equivalent to blocking another channel of our learning. TV is the fastest channel for disseminating knowledge and information. It must not be blocked. Besides, learning only textbook knowledge is very boring.It ’s not enough. Watching TV and learning textbooks are not contradictory. Just arrange your time.

I ’m tired of watching TV for a while, because TV has a lot of knowledge not in textbooks. Watching TV can increase a lot of extra-curricular knowledge, and I can experience the fun in TV programs, such as “Big Windmill” and “News Broadcast”It is very interesting. At the same time, watching television and learning textbooks alternate with each other, which can make our brains take a rest and improve the learning effect.

However, we ca n’t watch TV all the time, because our students are still mainly learning textbooks, and we ca n’t interfere with learning and completing homework because of watching TV.

So, we can only watch some programs suitable for our primary school students after completing the learning tasks and homework.

In this way, elementary school students watching TV will not only affect learning, but also can supplement textbook knowledge. It is good to watch some TV programs properly.