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Composition about love writing in seventh grade on earth

Time: 2020-01-26 Recommended visit : Writing composition

Some people say that love is like spring rain, which nourishes the earth; some people say that love is like sunshine, which warms people's hearts. I use these eyes, which are eager to bathe in spring rain and sunshine, to search for love in the world.

One day, a train departed from the city railway station. The train was filled with a strong festive atmosphere. There are many passengers here to visit relatives in Beijing-including her-a little girl over one year old.

But, in this laughter, a loud child cried and broke the harmony in the car like a thunderbolt. Because—she stuck her delicate forearm into the hot noodles filled with boiling water.In the box.

Hearing the child's cry, the first Wen Xun arrived was a train conductor who understood the story and quickly reported the incident to the train captain. After the train captain arrived, he knew that the child's wound was not on.Medicine. But there are no medicines to treat burns on the car. The child is still crying, while crying and vomiting, the situation is not optimistic.

At this moment, the train conductor immediately called the next station and informed them to prepare the scalding ointment immediately and wait at the next station.

Passengers have brought their own medicines to the train captain and flight attendants. Although no medicine was found to treat scalds, and the current medicines are not very effective, but the enthusiasm of everyone gave the child's mother a little comfort.

After a long wait, the train finally arrived at the next station, the drug was successfully delivered to the car, smeared on the child's reddish wound, the child stopped crying, and the mother smiled comfortably, and the trainChanghe and the flight attendants quietly left ...

I think I've found what I'm looking for-love is in the hearts of the people. The train captains and the crew and passengers of the train radio stations who are actively looking for drugs for their children, their passionate heartsIsn't that gushing out of love?

The train continues to drive, but there is one more thing on the car-that is a strong human sentiment, the train carries the friendship between people and runs to the distance ...