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Seventh grade writing essay 600 words essay

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Seventh grade writing作文 600 words essay

Through the mottled sunlight under the ancient camphor tree, you can see the color of the age and the warmth of those frames.


Shaohua of the sun is hidden in the subtle corners of life, like the floating skirts flying in the middle, the tranquility settled in the light and shadow, blooming in the fragrant years of the branches. The sunshine, the bright smile in those years, shine into the heart of people, Give warmth.

Tao Li Chunfeng a glass of wine, rivers and lakes night rain ten years lights

Seasons are blooming, life is jointing. We met each other in September of the ancient camphor tree fragrance, fixed into the warmth of friendship. On the school road, we walk slowly, in the classroom, we study together, on the playground, we sing together, ancientUnder the camphor tree, we dream about the future ... under the ancient camphor tree, you have a young face. Remember our first encounter. At that time, I lost a book, and I was very anxious, and even burst into tears.In anxiety and anxiety, you spread your anger on your classmates. At this time, you came and stood at the door of our class and asked, "Is xx here? She lost this" Love "." That gentle voice, And instantly quench all my anger. In order to thank you, I left your name, watching Juan Xiu's words carved into my life with a pen and ink fragrance. At that moment, we looked at each other and laughed because of your kindness,My thanksgiving.

The belt gradually widens and I don't regret it, so I won't let people lose it

As we approach the entrance exam, our burdens are getting heavier, our burdens are getting heavier, we do n’t want hardships, we do n’t want to be tired, but we can only fight for them. In order to progress to the future, we do not hesitate to embark on the journey of struggleThe youthful years begin a brand new road, full of sacrifices of "blood rain", reminding us how fierce this war will be. But we have no need to look back. We cannot move backward. The only choice is to move forward. Only the weak are deserters.

Sadness and joy gather together for a glass of wine, north-west, north-west, east-west miles

Under the ancient camphor, the fluttering leaves are flying in the air, gorgeous dances, the blooming flowers are playing the concerto of hope, we are about to bid farewell to the season when the sun is burning, we are going to travel alone in different locations, see the blue school uniformI thought it was someone I knew. In the end, only tears and thoughts were left. From then on, the sky was wide, the joys and sorrows were unknown, and the years passed, Jiangnan Jiangbei, Acacia Wanli ...

Friendship is the warmth that lasts forever, struggle is the warmth that engraves the future, but each is the warmth of a person who learns to smile alone. The warmth on campus is everywhere. Under the old camphor, we have spent the years and passed the warmth.!