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I love to make empty model eighth grade writing composition

Time: 2020-01-25 Recommended visit : Composition for writing

Eighth grade writing作文 : I love making empty models

A model aircraft is only about 30 centimeters long, but it is really not easy to play well, especially the production of rocket models and thin film aircraft. Let's take the production of rocket models, first of all, you have to cut the wood into a machineThe approximate shape of the body, and then use a file to make it streamlined, so that flying in the air can reduce the drag. To do this, I often grind out bubbles on my hands and my arms are sour that I ca n’t hold the bowl. Once,When I made the wing, I pressed the 2mm thick wooden board tightly with my left hand, held the utility knife with my right hand, and swiped back. "Ah!" I couldn't help screaming loudly.Look, screaming with wide eyes: "Wow! It's a long mouth, this time Xu Nan gets a knife!" After she finished, she immediately accompanied me to the infirmary to ask for a piece of Bondi and applied some red potion.That taste is uncomfortable!

Of course, after a lot of hardships, it is worthwhile to be able to participate in the competition. The competition is not only interesting, but also allows me to learn more knowledge. At the same time, it enriches my extracurricular life.

Last year, I went to the district to play the Rockets. It was really unforgettable all my life.

"Next, Xu Nan." Upon hearing the referee's instruction, I picked up the rocket, came to the launcher with confidence, and carefully mounted the fuse, then clamped it. I took the launcher and looked up at the sky."Three, two, one, start." At the order of the referee, I pressed the button hard and only listened to the "brush". The rocket went straight into the blue sky and spread its wings to fly in the air. I dropped the launcher and went after the rocket, I looked up while chasing, accidentally, tripped over a big rock. I quickly got up, my feet were sore and sore, I had to limping forward. Suddenly, I was overjoyed: the rocket was far awayIn the grass around! I was so happy that I forgot my soreness, and ran to it. Unfortunately, I ran into a shallow pond again, and I could n’t take a detour. I went straight and went back, and my trouser legs were soaked.

That competition, I won the first prize. Looking at the award certificate, I forgot the bitter, sour, and spicy, and the rest is only sweet.

How about, students are interested in learning to make empty models and participate in competitions? I can do my best.