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Seventh grade writing essay 600 words: I was really angry that time

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in seventh grade作文 600 words, I was really angry

In an instant, junior high school life has been more than half a year, and the same table has changed a lot. Looking at the table next to me, the last one in primary school appeared again. The beginning of Xiao Sheng was a turning point. Everyone was drowned in the "question"Sea tactics." But the class teacher was relocated at this time. The classmates next to me were being transferred away, but I was not moving. I was looking forward to my new stalls. The results were beyond my expectation, and the teacher was the most naughty in the class.The student ** was transferred to me. He is the famous "naughty king" in our class and even the monitor was afraid of his three-pointer. The other day I deliberately pretended to be "dumb" and gave him a power-down. At noon one day, as alwaysCame to the classroom to fight a difficult problem, but ** and a few boys didn't know where to get a puppy. He put the puppy on my desk when I didn't pay attention to my homework, and immediately cleaned the homework book.There were a few plum blossoms printed on it. I was furious and threw the workbook onto his desk. He immediately raised his hand and smiled and said to me, "My sister spares my life, my brother will wipe it for you immediately." Watching him funnyThe anger in my heart subsidedThen, I went straight to the playground. But this little ghost still refused to let me go, and had enough fun to enter the classroom with tiredness, but ** was putting the puppy in my schoolbag, and I hurriedly walked forward and yelled at him: "** You're too much." But who knows that the tears of indignation burst out like a waterfall. He whispered, "Puppy is also afraid of being a coward!" Later, I ignored him.And that's it, the cold war between us started again ...

On a sunny afternoon, the classmates went to free activities. I stayed in the classroom holding the thick writing paper. He suddenly came over and said to me, "Are you still angry? Don't be angry, The girl is much more angry and not pretty. "I still didn't talk to him when he said this. I saw that he took out an animal atlas from his schoolbag, and he put the animal atlas in front of me and told me"Actually, the little animals are cute, so don't be so afraid of them!" I said to him, "Yeah! The little animals are cute, but you are not cute." I didn't expect him to jump around alive, he said happily to me:"Aren't you angry?" I said to him, "Trouble you can't introduce my little animal to me without my consent." He nodded inexplicably.

The puppy storm is over, but that time, I was really angry.

The life in elementary school is gone forever. Although the anger was angry, it was more a pure friendship between the students.