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Second grade writing essay

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athletic meeting [1]

Today, the long-awaited sports meet has finally arrived. In the morning, I came to school with excitement in neat school uniforms and colorful windmills in hand.

After reading a little early, the opening ceremony of the sports meeting began. With the march of the sports meeting, the band, the bouquet team and the athletes of each class took vigorous steps towards the podium.

As soon as the opening ceremony was over, the competition officially started. I think the most exciting competition will be the 200m final. The referee issued a "Ready ... Start!" slogan , the athletes rushed towards the end like arrows off the string. Our team's Du Bocheng took a "scud-leg" step and chased the previous player crazy. Our cheerleader team was very excited, and the squad leader Wang Yiran led everyone for himCome on. She shouted: "Du Bocheng", we kept shouting: "Come on! Come on ...". Finally, Du Bocheng won the fourth place. The students cheered with joy!

The total score of our class in the Games did not make it into the top six, but Mr. Zhang said, "The spirit of the sport is fighting with tenacity and surpassing ourselves." I do n’t think it ’s important that our class does not achieve good results at this year ’s Games., I hope that next year's Games Class 9 students will do their best to win glory for the class!

Little Ghost Head [2]

This week ’s math homework is really interesting. Teacher Zhang asked us to use 80 yuan to buy 10 items. The less the balance, the better.

I brought 80 yuan and pushed the trolley into the supermarket. The supermarket is so big! The goods on the shelves are really dazzling, there are food, useful, fun, and learning. In the supermarketHere, I take a look at it, and look at the west. I took the product for comparison. I put the product I liked in a trolley and registered its price in a small book.

turned around a lot, in the end, I bought noodles and bean curd for cooking for my grandma, toothpaste and clothes hanger for my mother Dad I bought the "Saliva Baby" I loved, bought "Finger Biscuits" for my younger brother, and finally bought myself snacks. It cost 78.7 yuan and the remaining 1.3 yuan.

I'm really happy about shopping this time, I feel like a little head.