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power failure

"Ah! I'm going to paint again." I said impatiently.

We drove to the neighborhood where I studied painting Dad Say to me, "Son, you go up first, I'll stop." I took the elevator and entered the "Omori" studio. As soon as I entered the studio and sat down to start painting, suddenly, the studio was dark.There was a power outage. After a while, the power came back, but a few seconds later, the power went out. When we were there, our house was completely dark. We walked to the balcony and looked at the building opposite, and all the power was off.It ’s all dark. I suddenly thought of my dad, and I thought, “Will my dad be locked in the elevator for so long, what should I do?” I was anxious to walk around in the studioGo, run to the elevator for a while, and then go to the studio again ...

At this time, I hurried to ask the teacher for a cell phone, and made a phone call to Dad, but no matter how you call, the phone will always be unreachable. "Will there be no signal in the elevator?" I suddenly thought, but I was still worried. After a while, the phone was finally connected, and my dad came up. We asked him if he was locked in the elevator, he said he was locked in the elevator, he pulled the elevator door open, and he kept on from the eighth floor.Go to the 23rd floor.

Finally, I went home without drawing.

Birds go home

On a sunny morning, I went to set off firecrackers on the grass.

Just listen to the sound of "嘭", firecrackers exploded a beautiful "flower" in the air. Unexpectedly, a bird mother was carrying a small bird on the tree for food. Upon hearing the explosion, the bird mother hurriedIt flew up, but the bird was not so lucky. Although the bird flew up, it was still injured and fell slowly like a leaf. I saw the bird fell to the ground and panicked, soA few steps to the bird. The bird was injured and the right wings were bleeding. I think this can't be held responsible for firecrackers, so I had to take it home and raise it for a few days. The bird mother saw me and took the bird back.He "complained" me in the air. But he couldn't cure the bird, so he ignored it.

I cleaned the little bird's wound with clean water, bandaged it, and gave the little bird a piece of wheat. When the little bird saw food, it immediately picked up the wheat. After pecking, the little bird sang and sang.It seems to be saying, "Thank you." After taking care of me for a few days, the bird can swing its wings and fly. After another few days, the bird's injury is completely cured. I will take itReturn to nature. Watching the birds fly in the air, the stones in my heart finally landed.


After the first class this afternoon, I ran to the playground to play. I suddenly heard the sound of doing eye exercises in the radio. It was strange why I didn't hear the bell ringing in class. Then I hurried backI found that there was no one in the classroom. At that time, I panicked. Somehow, what should I do? Later, I thought that this class was a music class, so I hurried to the music classroom on the second floor. Fortunately, I was only late.At that time, Mr. Ni was teaching us to sing some dance moves of the song "La Gogo". The little finger of the left and right hands pulled Gogo, swinging from right to left, then we followed the melody of the music and sang "La Go"Hook", soon the music class is over. It feels like a short time, but I already sing the song "La Gogo".

It seems that when you go out to play next time, you need to pay attention to the bell of the class. You have to come back early, you can't be late anymore, I am a little scared to see nobody in the classroom today.

I feel very happy when I sing. I like to sing and I like to take music lessons!

wonderful element

These days, I have been studying elements. At first, I was curious to see the "Periodic Table of Elements" in the appendix of the dictionary and came up with a series of questions: What are the elements? What are the elements? Are the elements gas, liquid, orSolid ... Later, I went to Baidu to find out, and the answer didn't make me understand. I went to the bookstore and bought a "World's Most Fun Science Book", the elementary mineral series. I am happyOpen the book and carefully look at the 111 elements. It turns out that there are elements such as hydrogen, magnesium, and silicon; once the alkali metal elements meet air or water, a big explosion will occur in less than one minute; actinide elements except uraniumKindness, other blinks became other elements in the blink of an eye ... until now, I suddenly realized: we used to eat carbon every day. The semiconductor in the "triac" in the electronic building blocks is made of boronOr phosphorus and silicon compounds. Lead, iron, and silver are also elements.

The world of elements is really amazing, I must understand the elements.