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Fifth grade writing composition 400 words

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Year 5 writing translate1171 400 words

In life, there are always many people who need help from others, some will ignore it, and some will be enthusiastic to help others. Donating roses and having a fragrant hand. Those who help others can get others.Help. These two maxims have made me deeply understand the truth of life.

When others treat me a little better, I will be moved. Those who may have helped you will not leave a name, but you will always remember her in your heart.

It's true that there are always nice people around us.

I remember once when my mother and I were crossing the Xiangshan North Road underground passage, there was such a thing that made me worry. A girl wearing glasses, holding a blind man with both hands, the blind man carried his luggage in his right hand., Holding a blind stick in his left hand, pigtails, shabby clothes, and a dark face. The girl did not hate him because he was blind, but helped him slowly on the stone steps of the underground passage, the girl was still lightSlightly say: Slow down! The blind man excitedly said again and again: Thank you! Good guys! Good guys have good rewards! The girl smiled and said: It doesn't matter! You go carefully! After the girl helps the blind man to go down the steps, he movesI hurried to the station. I looked at the elder sister's back, and secretly gave my thumbs up, thinking: I want to learn from her, I will carry forward this spirit of helping others in the future, and use actual actions toHelp those in need, and let the spirit of helping others be there!

Fifth grade writing composition 400 words

Today, I woke up early as usual. My mother ’s voice came into my ears just after getting up: hurry up, brush your teeth, wash your face, eat breakfast, do your homework! Every morning, I amMy mother's nagging was spent. When I finished breakfast, my mother's nagging disappeared, and my grandma's nagging came on: Hurry up and do my homework today. I can't bear so many naggings. SoI reluctantly picked up the pen and started the homework. After doing it for a while, tickling, doing it for a while, looking through the book. Grandma saw my mind and told me some stories. I told her to stopStop talking. Instead, she talked more vigorously. I saw her talking eloquently, covering her ears, knowing that she had no reason to persuade her. So, I quarreled with her in a rage. Grandma criticized severelyMe. I'm furious and unwilling to accept grandma's criticism. Grandma is mad and goes away sadly. I cry, this is a grieved tear. After crying for a while, I sit quietly at the table and think. ISeems to remember something, pick it up quickly, Wrote this article.

Grandma is here, I do n’t know where this courage comes. Pick up the composition and walk towards Grandma.

Grandma, I was wrong!

Grandma looked and smiled reassuringly. I cried again, this is a happy tear.

Fifth grade writing composition 400 words

A few days ago, something very unforgettable happened to our house.

It was a weekend morning, Dad Mom went to the market and left me to take care of my sister alone. Before Mom and Dad left the house, Qian Dingwan told me to be more careful when taking care of my sister. I patted my breasts and vowed to guarantee that they would be away from home.Time to complete the task. In the morning, my sister and I watched the TV for a while. There was nothing wrong with it. I thought it was very easy to take care of the children. But I did not expect that at noon, something went wrong, and I was a bit guilty.When I was thirsty, I poured a cup of hot water into the cup with a hot water bottle. When I turned and put the cup, my sister also wanted to drink water, so I reached out my hand, but I did n’t hold my hand firmly.The cup broke, and my sister's hand was burned by the overflowing hot water, and she was crying in pain. Just as I was at a loss, my father and mother came back and saw the mess in the living room.Let's hurry up and deal with this accident.

After this incident, I just realized how difficult it is to take care of children. This requires not only our patience, but also our carefulness. I will be more careful when I look after my sister in the future., Will not let her be hurt any more.