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writing composition for the Chinese New Year Primary School

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The Spring Festival is coming, every family is a lively scene.

New Year's Eve, Dad Call me to paste the Spring Festival couplets together, I said to my father: Should the Spring Festival couplets be found squarely? Dad said: You are so smart! I helped my father hold the stool and be the commander in chief below. With my assistance, weI posted the Spring Festival couplets. I also saw many people posting the Spring Festival couplets, the content is auspicious, praising the motherland and the like, such as very spring, Wanli Pengcheng, flowers blooming and wealth, Zhu Baoping safety, people diligent spring early, peopleRich country strong ...

Back home, my dad is going to post the blessing again. He also put the word squarely and squarely. I said: The blessing should be posted upside down, the blessing will come! My parents praised my knowledge more than before, I am very happy.

This Chinese New Year is really happy!

Chinese New Year Elementary School Writing Composition 2

Today, my dad and mother happily returned to their hometown for the Spring Festival.

As soon as I arrived in my hometown, I found a new spring couplet was posted on the door. I was happy to find my younger brother to shoot the gun. I took a football cannon. It was round, green and green, with a thin layer of plastic.Very environmentally friendly. I carefully placed the gun on the steps. My brother helped me to bring the small stick that caught fire. I slowly pointed the stick at the gun. I only heard a bang explode. This football cannon is really loud.Yeah!

We watched the gala party together after the New Year ’s Eve dinner, there are sketches, cross talk, singing and dancing ...

It looks great!

This year's Chinese New Year, everyone has a happy reunion, I wish everyone every day as happy and happy as the Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year Elementary School Writing Composition 3

The Spring Festival is coming, the New Year is coming.

What is the taste of the Spring Festival? Salty. When I saw the tears that the people in other countries in the news called when they called their parents and fellow villagers, I felt that the taste of the Spring Festival is like the tears of homesickness.Salty. What is the taste of the Spring Festival? Sweet. Against the sky with colorful fireworks, in the old man ’s contented smile, the children playfully covered their ears and waited for the firecrackers to explode in their ears. I felt that the Spring FestivalAlcoholic wine is sweet.

I think, I get it. The taste of the Spring Festival is different in everyone's mouth. The key lies in what kind of heart and attitude you have to taste this red Spring Festival full of firecrackers.